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Can Provacyl Increase Testosterone And HGH Levels Naturally?

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Provacyl As Andropause Treatment!

man suffering from andropause

Most people are familiar with menopause the hormonal condition that women grow through as they near the end of their menstrual cycle but many people do not know that men go through a phase also.  Their condition is referred to as andropause and it is a direct result of low amounts of testosterone in the body.  Men can experience many of the same symptoms as women and it is often a dramatic period in their life.


Men generally experience andropause when they are somewhere between the ages of 35 and 55.  Of course men do not have menstrual cycles so the start of their phenomenon is characterized by a substantially drop in hormone levels.  During youth HGH or human growth hormone is produced in large amounts and hormones like testosterone are also heavily produced but as individuals get older and HGH productions is decreased this affects the level of testosterone in the body as well.  Testosterone is the main component that is responsible for sexual vigor and the production of normal erections.  This is the reason why as men age their sexual performance gradually decreases. 


Low levels of testosterone or andropause in the male body can have several different effects.  Many men experience a decrease in their sex drive, a decrease in their muscle mass, the loss of muscle strength as well as an increase in the amount of fat in the upper and central region of the body.  This is especially true for the area around the stomach.  As andropause progresses many men also experience a decline in the density of their bone tissue which can lead to osteoporosis which is a condition that causes the tissue found in bones to break down.  This makes individuals more prone to broken bones, fractures and pain because the bone becomes so brittle and weak. 


There are treatments available for men who need it.  Testosterone replacement therapy is the choice for some men.  Just like females there are also prescription medicines that men can take to try and slow down or reverse the effects.  Andropause in men do not always exhibit the obvious sign that women experience during menopause so it can be difficult to detect.


Many men are turning to anti-aging products to help fight Andropause and its effects.  As mentioned before the decrease in the amount of many hormones in the blood is greatly due to the decrease of HGH. Provacyl is a male enhancement product that also helps against anti aging.  It helps to stimulate the body into making more HGH and Testosterone.  Most men experience an increase in their energy and stamina after only couple of weeks.  Because Provacyl naturally stimulates the production of HGH it is a great anti-aging agent also.  It helps to build lean muscle because it breaks down the fat cells and has also been shown to increase the mental alertness of some individuals.



Provacyl Home Page

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