HGH Facts: What is Human Growth Hormone?

HGH 101: The Benefits, the Risks, and the Myths

We have heard so many things about the Human Growth Hormone or HGH in recent years. We are often confused about which statements to believe. In this article, we will give you exactly what you need to know about HGH – the benefits, the risks, and more importantly, the truths behind the myths.

HGH 101

True to its name, the Human Growth Hormone is paramount to a person’s growth. Increased levels of it in the body can make everything – and we mean EVERYTHING – grow. That’s basically the trick behind your height, the length of your hair, your bone’s density, your muscle mass, and many others.

We are all capable of producing our own HGH. It is, in fact, a naturally-occurring hormone in the human body that is produced by the anterior pituitary gland. The most concentrated levels of this hormone are released when a person is in deep sleep. Your mom is not fooling you when she says that you need to sleep to grow. However, HGH may also be produced in quick intervals when a person is experiencing physical strain. Although its production output is usually low, HGH is produced naturally in the body.

HGH is produced the most during the formative years, or from 6 years towards the adolescence stage, when a person is around 17 years of age. The levels are high during these years, which is the same time that most of the bones are starting to grow. If the level of the hormone is not sufficient, one may experience stunted growth. If the level is much less than normal, one may even experience dwarfism. On the other hand, excessive amounts of HGH in the body can cause abnormal, rapid growth. In this case, gigantism may be observed in a person.

HGH is so powerful that it can make or break one’s appearance in the blink of an eye. You would not want to progress with considerably low levels of the hormone but you would not want more than what is necessary of it as well.

Although it is quite appealing to be bigger than everyone else, you may not like the result if you are excessively bigger in random areas of the body. That’s what HGH in abnormally high levels can lead to: an abnormal growth in some of your body parts, making them out of proportion.

On top of that, you should consider the risks of excessive HGH to your health. People who were diagnosed with gigantism usually have shortened lives for many reasons. The most common reason is because it affects the ability of the heart to support the excessive size and weight of the body without straining.

The trick, really, is to have enough HGH at normal levels so that you can experience continuous growth. Unfortunately, the amount of the wonder hormone released in the body past the formative years decreases slowly (although sometimes dramatically), especially as you get older. Then again, this is not really the need that HGH was intended to fill in (unless it is already becoming a health problem).

The medical use of exogenous HGH was to treat dwarfism and other conditions in which low levels of the growth hormone is threatening normal growth. Studies of the use of HGH started as early as the 1960s, using HGH from cadavers. The experiment provided positive results. However, maybe because of the kind of administration, it also provided contraindications including cancer and brain damage. That’s where the thought of producing a synthetic version came from. Soon enough, an artificial form of the hormone with the same molecular structure and amino acid chain was developed.

With its irresistible promise of a wide range of positive effects, it did not take long for synthetic HGH to surface. It was not only the areas of medicine concentrated on treating dwarfism and other conditions related to HGH deficiency that took notice. Even the bodybuilding community marveled about the introduction of a growth hormone that you can take in. Bodybuilders are, after all, in a business where growth is tall order.

Originally, HGH was only looked upon as an amazing option for bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts to achieve their desired muscularity. But not long after, it was also considered to supply the need among people 60 years old and beyond who suffer from several discomforts mainly due to the decreased levels of HGH in their system. It always seemed the logical solution if not for some cases where it did not deliver the way it should. Experts then realized that supplementing with HGH is not enough; it should be supplementing with HGH the proper way.

The Benefits, Risks, Myths, and Facts

NB: HGH  can only be prescribed by a doctor and using it for anti aging and in sport is considered off label and thus is illegal under current FDA guidelines! HGH can truly do wonders. It has a fat-burning effect that is better than any other weight-loss drug because it helps the body to utilize carbohydrates quickly and effectively, much like when you were a child. It can also be significant to a more favorable HDH/LDL ratio. It also has the ability to regenerate cartilage in case of joint injuries. It can also increase muscle mass dramatically, even being able to form new muscle tissues and not just new muscle cells. It can also help increase sex drive.

So what’s the deal? What are the downsides to using HGH? There have been a lot of talks about the side effects of the hormone being used as a supplement. However, a great deal of those horror stories is not true.

No, HGH cannot cause a growth out of proportion in some body parts. You cannot have an enlarged jaw, an elongated bone, or an extended brow for using it. The accusation that it can also cause an enlarged stomach has been unfounded.

The biggest drawback to using HGH is the fact that it is currently too expensive. Since only a few pharmaceutical companies have been down on the lab developing a potent, synthetic HGH, it cannot have the competitive price of other over-the-counter supplements.

In case of health-related side effects, there’s water retention and therefore, high blood pressure. HGH can also cause gynecomastia. It has also been linked with several cancers. No, the hormone does not directly causes cancer but rather induces its growth. Some people, especially the sensitive individuals may also experience hypoglycemia. Although HGH can cause muscle mass to increase, it has also not been found to increase an individual’s strength.

We could say that some side effects of HGH are potentially dangerous. That is why care and caution must be taken seriously before heading on to enjoy the full advantage. It is certainly not for beginners and for anyone who is not well versed on how it should be used properly.

How HGH Is Used By Some

NB: HGH  can only be prescribed by a doctor and using it for anti aging and in sport is considered off label and thus is illegal under current FDA guidelines! Most HGH supplements available in the market are administered using an insulin pin. It usually comes as a lyophilized powder that is mixed with bacteriostatic water before it can be injected.

There have been a lot of myths about the timing or when to take HGH best. Some think it is best to administer the hormone when it is supposedly naturally secreted either during bedtime or during exercise. Others think that it should be used at a time when HGH secretion is not as active. Still others split the dosage because they think that having a steady amount will solicit more advantage in the long run.

The truth behind that myth is that, it may not really matter at all when you use your HGH supplement. You may be to use your dosage anytime of the day, when it is most convenient to you. The only thing you should take into consideration when timing your dosage is to ensure that you do not take it when your blood sugar levels are depressed so as not to cause hypoglycemia.

There is also a slight confusion whether it is best to observe an everyday usage of HGH or EOD (every other day) administration serves its purpose better. According to some studies, the growth hormone typically has a cycle of about 48 hours. That should tell enough that EOD administration would probably work best.

When it comes to the amount to take, it is advisable that beginners start with a conservative dose. About 2.4 IUs every other day is safe. However, you need to be patient before seeing any difference in your body with such a dose. It does not usually show any dramatic result after a few weeks. When you have been using HGH injections for a while, say three to four weeks, some of the benefits will slowly surface. You may also increase your dosage slightly during that time. You can double up or triple up the dosage if you have a large built.

Be careful with your dosage because that could spell all the difference on the effects of your HGH use. Although bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts are not as open to their drug use, there have been rumors that some are using as high as 13 IUs everyday. That is both way too expensive and too dangerous. Going as high as that will heighten your risk of heart attack, stroke, tumor growth – all of which are life-threatening.

HGH should also be cycled with breaks in between every cycle. That means you should stop using the supplement for several weeks after a cycle or else, it will severely suppress the natural output.

It must also be noted that HGH cannot be absorbed via oral administration. Products that claim they are potent HGH releasers are a waste of money. To support natural HGH release, the use of Alpha GPC or Arginine is recommended. Both substances are found to heighten the levels of growth hormone outputs whether it is natural or administered.

HGH is truly a powerful substance. It can end your quest for the perfect body. But it must be used with great caution as well to ensure that you will be safe rather than be sorry. Bursting the myths with the facts will help you determine the proper use and administration of the miracle hormone, which is your best resort to attaining a better-looking, younger-looking self!

Anti Aging HGH Supplements

The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, or course of action. We do not provide specific medical advice, and we are not engaged in providing medical or professional services. The statements made by the supplement’s manufacturers were not evaluated by the FDA. NB people whose names (celebrities, doctors, scientists, News media…etc) are mentioned in the site are in no way associated with hghhelp.info and are only mentioned because of what they might have publically said about a subject matter which in no way implies an endorsement by them. NB HGH injections can only be prescribed by a doctor and have not been approved by the FDA for anti aging, bodybuilding and any other off label use!

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  1. HGH supplements are definitely good news for us who are so afraid of getting old. They give out a new ray of hope that finally, we will be able to bust all the horrible changes that may come with old age. My only concern is how safe they are to use. If they do not have side effects, how long before they could give me results. There might be a catch somewhere and I want to know what it is before I actually take the plunge.

  2. The human growth hormone is indeed a miracle hormone. It can restore one’s youthfulness and vibrance. It can solicit positive effects not just related to the physical aspect but also to the emotional and mental state of a person. I hope it will be available for everyone. People from all over and from all walks of life must have easy access to such a wonderful drug that could change one’s life forever.Good thing, there are supplements such as GenF20 that is available online. It provides a wonderful option that people can turn to in order to keep watch on the common signs of aging including decreased bone and muscle strength, weak immune system, wrinkled skin, and haior loss among others. If you are not too confident using HGH, you can make lifestyle changes that will help improve your health or use topical solutions to your skin problemjs. No matter what, you must never succumb to the dark phase of getting old.

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