Can HGH Jumpstart Growth in Children?

When HGH is administered correctly, it can have remarkable benefits. Did you know HGH treats arrested growth in children? It has been since the 1950s. More on that in a minute.

Today, HGH is used for many other reasons more specifically as an anti aging remedy. In fact, according to Dr. Uzzi Reiss, a Beverely Hills physician, HGH Is the love child of Botox or Viagra when properly administered. It is known to increase bone density, increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, and decrease wrinkles, while improving energy, vitality, mood, and libido. The end result is HGH users’ look and feel decades younger. “It is a rejuvenating force,” says Dr. Uzzi Reiss, “and it’s a trend that’s likely to grow as more and more people discover what HGH can do for them.”

But for this article, let’s look back in time to some of the remarkable HGH treatments in children, which began in the late 1950s. Children who were smaller than average were injected with the growth hormone, which was extracted from human cadavers.

Human growth hormone is a protein that is produced in the pituitary gland, and it is responsible for stimulating the growth of bones, cells, muscles, and pretty much anything else. When children are deficient in human growth hormone, their growth is stunted and they may even suffer from dwarfism. Back in the 1950s, supply was extremely limited so it was offered only to the patients in highest need. In some cases, the treatment worked well, in others growth spurts were only modest, and in some children there was no growth spurt at all, which was extremely disappointing.

Some of the disappointing results may be attributed to the degraded quality of the HGH being used. Since the majority of human cadavers were over the age of 30 not only was the quantity of HGH available diminished, so was the quality.

It wasn’t until 1985 that a breakthrough was reached, because the FDA approved the biosynthetic form of HGH, which Genentech developed, a biotechnology company based in South San Francisco. With the FDA’s approval now, HGH could reach larger numbers of children suffering from arrested growth.

As pre-teens were treated, the results of the therapy were looking very promising. The average pre-teen grows approx two inches, sometimes a bit more. And while by most of our standards that’s a relatively modest increase, for that below average eight year old who is constantly teased in gym class, two inches is like a milestone. And since the only side effects children were experiencing tended to be mild joint pain and swelling that was easily treated, there seemed to be no reason not to treat these children.

How HGH works in Children

The HGH has two cycles:

The direct cycle – This is the result of HGH binding its receptors on the targeted cells.

The indirect cycle – HGH is released mainly in pulses that occur during the beginning phase of sleep.

The liver quickly converts HGH to its powerful growth promoting metabolite, known as IGF-1 insulin like growth factor). It is also known as Somatomedin C, and it is commonly referred to as such. IGF-1 is responsible for the majority of the beneficial effects associated with HGH.

Research Studies

  •  Endocrinologist Maurice Raben injected HGH into a dwarf child. The child began to grow normally and over the next 30 years thousands of children were injected with cadaver derived HGH
  • In 1985, Keith Kelley, M.D., a research scientist demonstrated that injections of cells that secrete high amounts of growth hormone could cause the shriveled thymus glands in old rats to grow until they became as large and healthy as those of young rats.
  • A study of 31 children with short stature was initiated in 1982 (Albertsson-Wikland 1986). They received subcutaneous (sc) injections of pituitary HGH. A high growth response was seen in 29 of the 31 children.
  • Research proved that HGH injections were very effective in growth hormone children (Kastrup, Christiansen, Andersen, Orskov 1983). Sixteen growth deficient children were given high injections daily for 2 years. During the first year growth response increased. Absence of antibodies against HGH and local reactions at the injection site is evidence of the safety of the treatment, which was very well accepted by the children.

So while the focus these days is on how human growth hormone can help turn back time, it has significant medical value in children who are not growing properly. Of course, HGH dubbed “the fountain of youth” has plenty of value to most of us.

And while some would argue it is not safe to use, the question would then be why are we giving it to children if it is not safe?

Taking an HGH supplement can help to increase your energy, lean muscle mass, mental clarity, physical abilities, libido, mood, and so much more. Take the time to find out what HGH can do for you. If you are seriously deficient in HGH, see your doctor.

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