Melt Away Stubborn Belly Fat with Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone or HGH – if you haven’t heard of it and you’ are hoping to lose a little weight then it’s time you did! In fact, if you can melt away stubborn belly fat with human growth hormone like no other weight program can.

HGH will melt the fat, especially that stubborn belly fat, while building lean muscle mass. When you add this with healthy eating, before long you’ll have the lean body you have been longing to have. As an added bonus you will look and feel as much as 20 years younger.

HGH Attacks Deep Belly Fat

The best thing about the weight loss with HGH is that it attacks that deep belly fat. This type of fat is not only unattractive, it poses a health risk. It is this deep fat that attacks the organs and increases your risk of heart disease.

HGH Research on Fat Reduction

In every hgh research study of Hgh deficient adults, as well as aging “normal” people, hgh growth hormone therapy reduced body fat and increased lean body mass. *Dr. Ronald M. Klatz’s book “10 Weeks to a Younger You” p.48

The New England Journal of Medicine published the following results. HGH accomplished the following:

  • Pot Belly – Floppy belly flattens an incredible 48%
  • Loose skin folds under the skin – tighten 62%
  • Sagging body Silhouette- straightens up 62%

David Clemmons M.D., at the University of North Carolina

In two double blind, placebo controlled studies by David Clemmons M.D., at the University of North Carolina, found that HGH replacement therapy combined with dieting accelerated weight loss. In the studies which were for either six or eleven weeks, Human growth hormone therapy combined with diet caused a 25% acceleration in the rate of fat loss above and beyond the effects of diet alone. In the 11 week study, the Hgh treated subjects lost 30 to 32 pounds, compared to 20 to 25 pounds in the controls. And while the controls lost muscle along with fat, the HGH treated group held on to their body tone.

Researchers wondered how supplemental HGH might affect healthy adults. Some work on this question had already been done by exercise physiologist Douglas Crist and his colleagues at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in Albuquerque in 1987. Crist and his associates worked with eight healthy, athletic young people, five men and three women, all between the ages of 22 and 33. After six weeks of getting HGH injections three times a week, these young adults—already in good shape—had nevertheless gained an average of close to three pounds of muscle while losing an average 1.5 percent of their body fat. Their overall ratio of muscle to fat—a key sign of being well conditioned—improved by an average of close to 25 percent. Stopping the Clock by Ronald Klatz and Robert Goldman, page 50

Research would indicate that the human growth hormone may be a valuable tool not just in losing body fat and belly fat, but in actually dealing with obesity. The research is clear that HGH directly influences the human physiology. Combine that with the interaction with exercise, stress hormones, amino acids, and fats, and the results can be astounding.

Remember, very little fat can actually be burned when there are high insulin levels, which are seen often just after eating a meal high in carbohydrates and/or fat. Human growth hormone could be the answer to removing fat and the issues associated with it.

The message is clear, if you are overweight, there are now for the first time, proven methods for getting rid of the fat that poses such a danger to your health and life.”*Donald M. Klatz MD”Ten Weeks to a Younger You” p. 50

The human growth hormone will melt away stubborn bell fat, increase lean muscle mass, improve bone density, improve your mental clarity, and so much more. HGH is like winding back the clock physically and mentally.

If you are seriously low in HGH then you should see a doctor, otherwise you can begin to enjoy the benefits of human growth hormone supplements right away, and start to watch the belly fat melt away. To find out more about HGH supplements click on this link!

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  1. I am really skeptical about the effectiveness of non prescription HGH supplements for weight loss. I think HGH injections are best if you can get them and afford them.

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