HGH and Anti Aging Commonly Asked Questions

The off label use of HGH has actually become a multi-billion dollar industry. Some doctors refer to HGH as the ‘fountain of youth.” Then again, others are dead set against the use of HGH as an anti aging treatment fearing that the risks outweight the benefits. To date, the FDA hasn’t approved the use of HGH and anti aging therapy. Let’s review the human growth hormone, how it works, the pros and cons.

What is HGH or human growth hormone?

HGH is produced by the pituitary gland. Just as the name indicates it promotes growth in children. Once the body stops growing taller, your HGH levels quickly begin to decline and by adult life HGH production is very low. The liver makes insulin-like growth factor-1 brings about many of the effects of human growth hormone.

When treating growth issues, and FDA approved conditions, HGH is given by a daily injection, which is expensive. In most other cases a supplement is adequate for you to enjoy anti aging benefits.

Why Does Human Growth Hormone Work as an Anti Aging Therapy?

Human growth hormone affects body composition along with growth. People with significant human growth hormone deficiency will have decreased muscle mass, decreased bone density, and increased body fat.

The changes in human growth hormone deficient patients mimic aging. The interest in using HGH to reverse age-related changes in healthy adults dates back to a 1990 study by Dr. Rudman and others published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study discovered that a small number of older men who were given human growth hormone saw an increase in bone density, decrease in body fat, and an increase in muscle mass.

Since then there have been many claims that human growth hormone is an ‘anti aging miracle.’ Athletes have also used it to promote muscle mass. It is now banned by the World Anti Doping Agency because of safety concern.

What were the results seen in the research?

The largest review of trials with human growth hormone demonstrated that long-term use of growth hormone caused an average of around 5 pounds in weight loss , 5.6 pounds of fat loss, and a 3 pound increase in lean body mass, and there was no reliable change in bone density.

What are the side effects to taking HGH?

There are potential side effects to HGH therapy. Some of the known side effects include carpal tunnel syndrome, increased swelling, joint pain, increased risk of diabetes, and insulin resistance. The potential for HGH to cause the growth of cancer is controversial. Those most at risk are those who purchase HGH illegally because of the risk of tainted or impure products, which could be dangerous. Taking a reputable supplement poses a low risk and is adequate for anti aging treatment in most cases. If you have a severe HGH depletion you should see your doctor who may prescribe HGH injections, which have a higher risk of side-effects. For more on HGH risks click here!

How does HGH effect longevity?

The effect of HGH on longevity is currently not known. Both an HGH deficiency and HGH excess (condition called Acromegaly) are linked to a shorter life expectancy.In addition, even though research confirms there is an increase in mortality in pituitary patients who are missing HGH, to date there is no proof that longevity it improved when human growth hormone therapy is administered.

Is there research for HGH for anti aging?

For people over 40, human growth hormone therapy may be indicated. HGH raises IGF-1 levels leading to improved insulin sensitivity, loss of body fat, and increased lean body mass. HGH therapy is administered and monitored by an anti-aging specialist.
Disease Prevention And Treatment by Life Extension Foundation, page 1091

At the December 1996 Anti-Aging Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, I heard Dr. Bengt-Ake Bengtsson, one of the leading human growth hormone researchers in the world, discuss his landmark study of 333 patients with low levels of HGH. Dr. Bengtsson discovered that these patients were twice as likely to die from heart disease as the age-matched control group. Among patients treated with HGH replacement therapy, there was a uniform decrease in cardiovascular risk, as well as weight loss and a favorable increase in HDL and lower LDL blood fractions.
Optimum Health by Stephen T Sinatra MD, page 257

Should you be tested for HGH deficiency?

No.When there is no past history of pituitary disease, the occurence of the syndrome of isolated HGH deficiency is very rare. In addition the testing is not 100 percent, and the chance of receiving a false-positive is actually greater than the likelihood the disease is real. If your doctor has a high suspicion that an HGH deficiency is present, he or she should run at least two formal tests to reduce the risk of a false-positive result. The tests should include a GHRH-arginine test and an insulin tolerance test.

Who should take human growth hormone?

HGH is approved for children with a human growth hormone deficiency or who have diseases that cause short stature like Turner’s syndrome, along with adults with proven HGH deficiency, short-bowel syndrome, or muscle wasting due to HIV. In these cases doctors will usually prescribe HGH injections.

For everyone else, specifically if you are looking for the anti aging benefits of HGH then an HGH supplement is adequate. You can enjoy:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Decreased belly fat
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Reduction in wrinkles
  • Regrowth of thicker, healthier hair
  • Greater cardiac output
  • Renewed energy and vitality
  • More restful sleep
  • Increased libido
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Improved memory
  • Sharper vision
  • Improved mood
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Better disease resistance
  • Rapid wound healing
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decreased cholesterol

For more info on human growth hormone supplements go to this page!

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