Research Shows HGH Benefits The Brain

Recently there have been a number of studies whether human growth hormone or HGH benefits the brain. Because HGH works at the cellular level it affects the brain tissue and benefits the nerve tissue. It has been shown that HGH also has many benefits  to the rest of the body.

Brain in SkullThe debate is not new – philosophers have been debating the aspects of the mind body in relation to our existence for centuries. Currently there is a lot of science that shows that the brain is responsible for our minds, our identities, and our personalities. If we lose a leg or arm we are changed but our identity remains intact. If we suffer a brain injury the very root of our identity is often altered, particularly with serious brain trauma.

Often as people age we see differences in their actions – they may process thoughts slower, their memories may be fuzzy, and in the worst cases there is very little left of the person’s identity.

In many cases HGH has brought about impressive repairs to the body including reversing organ shrinkage associated with age. It works at the cellular level, which is also why HGH has the effect it does on the nerve tissue and brain.

However, while human growth hormone is able to promote regrowth in tissues and cells, it cannot do this in nerve cells. To date, nothing has been able to accomplish this. That said, because human growth hormone has shown to increase factors relating to nerve growth it does appear that there is at least the potential to raise HGH to optimal levels, which will result in improved brain function.

To date, researchers using HGH therapy are not able to grow new nerve cells; however, they have been able to induce renewed dendritic connections. These are the spidery like arms connecting the neurons for communication. As well, the glial cells that nourish the neurons, have been shown to be capable of being renewed, so HGH may be beneficial in that area. This certainly suggests more research should be done.

A recent study conducted by Barbara Johnston, Peter Gluckman, and colleagues at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, demonstrated results for IGF-I, the form that HGH does its work. When they inected IGF-I into the brains of injured fetal lambs, they were able to save damaged neurons, and they were able to stave off apoptosis, which is the programmed death of cells.

It is believed that apoptosis accompanies brain injury and that it can take its toll for as many as three days after the injury has occurred. IGF-I injections were able to prevent the death of these cells.

Researchers are especially excited about one particular way that HGH is affecting brain tissues – it has been proven to increase concentration of the brain’s neurotransmitter, which are responsible for carrying information from one brain cell to another. It is believed HGH both enhances and speeds up brain function.

One of the studies done by Dr. Chein’ s discovered how HGH affects brain memory function. In that study, 62% of patients reported an improvement in memory.

Dr. Chein said, “Loss of memory has long been linked to aging, and now, researchers have found a direct link between memory skills and the amount of growth hormone in the body.”

A number of people who have used HGH replacement therapy confirm that their memory got much sharper and they were able to think quickly again, just as they had when they were younger.

To date, all of the research that has been conducted relating to HGH and the brain has been very positive. While HGH has not been the holy grail of neural research, researchers have seen benefits, and HGH has proven that it may be an effective tool to help us maintain our identity as we age. That’s exciting!


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One thought on “Research Shows HGH Benefits The Brain

  1. I had a traumatic brain injury and my brain hasn’t been the same ever since. I think I want to try hgh and see what the effects could be for me. Anything is better than the shape I am in now.

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