Accelerated Wound Healing With HGH Therapy

Wounds come in all different severities. For mild wounds often disinfecting and the application of a topical antibiotic cream will be adequate to heal. However, wounds that are more serious can take longer to heal and pose the risk of infection at all steps of healing. When we think of wounds, we think of flesh wounds, but damaged tissue, tendons, or muscles are also wounds. Wounds can occur all kinds of different ways. Once they do occur, the focus is to heal them as quickly as possible.

deep woundHGH therapy will accelerate wound healing. HGH plays a key role in the body’s growth and development, as well as the body’s repair as a result of wear and tear. HGH has another important function in the body – to expedite the healing process, which can be seen with wounds. It’s also why the wounds of children (all being equal) tend to heal faster than those of an adult.

There have been a number of studies where researchers have been able to confirm the benefits of HGH (human growth hormone) in promoting the healing of wounds. HGH has been shown to not only speed up but also enhance wound healing significantly.

How HGH Promotes Speedy Healing

There is data dating back to the early 1960’s where HGH was initially administered to patients who were recovering from injuries that resulted from trauma or surgery. HGH has also been shown consistently to be useful in healing complex, crucial, and tough wounds such as those seen with skin grafts, severe burns, or wounds that are the result of trauma.

HGH works at the cellular level, which is why it is able to improve the healing process of both internal and external wounds. This is also why HGH helps to heal wounds – those wounds can be superficial or they can be very deep and HGH will still work to speed up the healing process.

HGH has also been used in cases where there are injured limbs that need to be kept immobilized. In these situations, it is common for atrophy to occur, and HGH can stop this from occurring. HGH has been shown to strengthen and build tissue even when there is no exercise, which his why it is beneficial where there is the risk of atrophy. It also speeds up the recovery process and decreases the amount of physiotherapy the patient needs.

One clinical study that was done took place in Denmark. The rats all had colitis. The control group received nothing, while the other group received HGH therapy. The group receiving the HGH demonstrated a significantly higher colitis recovery recovering weight lost in 7 days, while the control group lost 11% of weight in 7 days.

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There are a number of studies that confirm HGH is useful in accelerated wound healing and injury healing. For athletes, it gets them back in the game faster. For the general public it gets them back to work faster and back to living their lives. HGH is a natural substance produced by the body and adequate levels can significantly improve wound healing time.


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