How to Lose More Weight Through What You Believe

You want to lose weight – you’ve lost a little, but the pounds aren’t coming off the way you thought they would. What would you say if you were told that you could lose more weight through what you believe?hot woman body Almost everyone has their own ideas about health and fitness. The problem becomes are your beliefs the truth? So often people are working very hard to reach their fitness goals and are failing because their beliefs are false and so the results that are expected don’t happen. Why is it that a wrestler can go from his daily weight to his wrestling weight in a short period of time. Why can they add 75 pounds in a hurry and then just as quickly dump the weight after the wrestling season. Why do the rest of us have such trouble losing weight? That’s because the wrestlers ‘given’ is that he has unlimited self discipline, freedom and energy. The reality is that most of our ‘givens’ don’t actually reflect our life reality. Most of us don’t match our given with the results that we expect and therefore we don’t reach our results. For example, one woman is said to have her own 3 day 7 item version where when she needs to quickly lose a few pounds she’ll have 7 bananas day 1, 7 eggs day 2, 7 oranges day 3. Every time she loses the weight, but just a couple of days later she has put it all back on plus some. Because it worked the first time, it became her ‘given.’ The point here is that the given isn’t a reality. As we get older things begin to tighten up – our hip flexors, hamstrings, pecs, etc. Sadly, most men when they bench and curl are actually aging themselves because of their bent arms and curved shoulders during the workout. Your glutes are your power house and there are very few people that actually train with Olympic lifts, swings or deep squats, which will do wonders for the body – toning, building muscle and strength, and weight loss. You see your given doesn’t bring you the results you want. So let’s look at fat loss – just the basics. Eat your veggies, avoid sugar, eat your breakfast, drink sugar free drinks … the list goes on. We really need to rethink where we are and what we are doing. It is time to create a new ‘given,’ that includes a new kind of exercising a new kind of eating and more importantly a new kind of thinking. It’s time to change what your given is so that you can obtain the results that you want. Because until you change your given, which is what you expect your outcome to be, you are not going to change your outcome. It’s important to eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of water and plenty of protein. Avoid prepackaged foods that are high in sugar and salt and packed with calories. Workout like you mean it. Workout with the intent that you are going to lose weight. You need to believe that is what’s going to happen so that you function on that level. HGH supplements can be very beneficial. HGH supplements such as Genf20 Plus, Genfx, Provacyl and Sytropin have tons of benefits but one that it is well known for is the loss of body fat, especially in the mid section, and the development of muscles. What’s your new ‘given’ going to look like? Are you ready to do the time and get the results.

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3 thoughts on “How to Lose More Weight Through What You Believe

  1. I really would like to lose a few pounds in 2016. I don’t need to be a stick figure. I just want to be healthier… I think those few pounds would do it.

  2. I think if you’re mentally fit, you can be equally physically fit. Anyone else see that pregnant woman who the six-pack? Incredible.

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