Omnitrope Review

Omnitrope (somatropin rDNA) is a type of human growth hormone. HGH is key in the growth of bones and muscles in the body.omnitrope

Omnitrope is used in the treatment of children who are:

  • Experiencing growth issues because they do not have adequate growth hormone
  • Short because of chronic renal insufficiency or Turner syndrome (genetic disorder)
  • Short, because they were born small for their gestational age, and have not been able to catch up by the time they are 4 years or later
  • Dealing with the genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome. Omnitrope is given to improve the relationship of the fat and muscle mass.

Omnitrope is also used to treat adult patients with GH deficiency as replacement therapy.

Omnitrope ® is synthetic HGH, so it is regulated by the government and requires you to have a doctor’s prescription. Unlike HGH supplements, which you can purchase with no prescription, all HGH injections require a prescription. Once you have a prescription from your doctor, you can purchase Omnitrope® and injection yourself.

HGH supplements contain natural ingredients that are designed to help the pituitary gland increase the amount of human growth hormone produced. However, Omnitrope® HGH injections contain synthetic human growth hormone, which increases human growth hormone in your body artificially and you get to enjoy the many benefits.

So what are the benefits that Omnitrope® are associated with its use?There are a number of them on top, but it’s anti aging benefits and weight loss benefits get plenty of attention, even though it is not approved by the FDA for any of these uses. Improved memory, increased mental alertness, improved sex drive, increase in muscle mass with a decrease in fat, especially belly fat – Omnitrope® has certainly become a welcome boon to the anti aging industry.

Before Using Omnitrope®

Before you are prescribed Omnitrope®, it is important to tell your doctor about any medical conditions (past/present), especially trauma, allergies, surgery, cancer, diabetes, breathing problems, scoliosis, liver disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, underactive thyroid, brain tumor or pancreas disorder.

Tell your doctor about all other medications you are taking. This is especially true of diabetes medications and steroids. Your doctor will have to adjust the dosage of these medicines when you begin using Omnitrope®. You should never suddenly stop the use of steroids or change any medication doses unless your doctor tells you to.

Before you receive Omnitrope®, you should tell your doctor if you have ever had an allergic reaction to any HGH medicines, or to drug preservatives such as metacresol, glycerin or benzyl alcohol.

Do not use Omnitrope® if you have an allergy to somatropin, have diabetic retinopathy, have sleep apnea, cancer, are overweight, have Prader-Willi syndrome or severe respiratory problems. You should also not use Omnitrope® if you have any serious medical condition after you have had heart surgery, stomach surgery, lung failure, trauma, or any other medical emergency.

Some conditions may require you to need your Omnitrope® dosage adjusted. This includes liver or kidney disease, scoliosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, pancreas disorder, brain tumor/lesion, under active thyroid or a history of cancer.

You should tell your doctor if you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant. While other somatropin brands are classed as Category C by the FDA Omnitrope® is Category B, which means they do not believe that this product will harm an unborn child, unlike those products in Category C where the do not know if it harm an unborn child.

How to Use Omnitrope®

You should use Omnitrope® the way your doctor prescribed it. Do not use more or less, and do not use for a longer period than what has been recommended. Always follow the directions.

You will inject Omnitrope® under the skin or into the muscle. Your doctor might have shown you how to do the injections at home. If you don’t completely understand how to do the injection, do not proceed. Always dispose of needles and syringes correctly. You will need a puncture proof container.

You should rotate locations on your body where you give yourself your Omnitrope® injection. Your doctor should show you the best locations to inject your Onitrope® medication. Always use your needle only. Never inject in the same location twice. Never inject into a muscle or skin that is infected, sore, red or injured.

Never shake the Omnitrope® medication or it may ruin it. When you mix the Omnitrope® powder with the diluent liquid, gently swirl. If the medication is a different color or if you see particles in it do not use.

To make sure your Omnitrope® medication does not cause harm you will need to have your blood tested regularly. Your doctor may also want to check your eyes regularly.

Carefully read all of the instructions and follow them carefully, including the proper storage of Omintrope®. Always throw away an Omnitrope® that has expired.

The Side Effects of Omnitrope®

If you have any signs that you are having an allergic reaction to Omnitrope (ie swelling of the throat, tongue, lips, face or trouble breathing) seek immediate emergency medical help. If you have any of the following serious side effects, you need to see your doctor immediately.

  • Blurred vision
  • Changes to your vision
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry skin
  • Fast heart rate;
  • Fruity breath odor
  • Hunger
  • Gynecomastia
  • Increased thirst
  • Increased urination
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Numbness/tingling in your wrist, hand, or fingers
  • Severe pain in your upper stomach spreading to your back
  • Sudden/severe pain behind the eyes
  • Swelling in your head, face, hands, or feet

Other side effects you may experience that are less serious include:

  • Cold symptoms (ie stuffy nose, sore throat, sneezing)
  • Feeling tired
  • Headache
  • Joint stiffness or pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Pain in your arms/legs
  • Redness, swelling, soreness, rash, pain, bruising or itching at the injection site

 What Others Who Have Used Omnitrope® Have to Say

There are many testimonials online from users of Omnitrope® from consumers and medical personnel. One man claims, “Time reversed itself… I was 15 years younger and 20 pounds lighter.” Another man says, “Not only did I lose weight I had the sex drive of my 20s.” A woman claims, “Using Omnitrope® was like a magic weight loss formula…” One doctor says, “My patients enjoy great results from the use of HGH supplements.”

Where You Can Purchase Omnitrope®

Usually you don’t buy Omnitrope® at a pharmacy, although some do sell it. The easiest way is to buy the Omnitrope® injections right from the manufacturer’s website. There could be special discounts and/or bonuses you can enjoy and take advantage of. Remember, shipping charges may apply. Omnitrope® draws continuous attention because so many are enjoying such fantastic results!



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