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Is Arginine A Great Anti Aging Amino Acid?

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Arginine, the Wondrous Amino Acid

Arginine is an amino acid that is taking center stage lately. Yes, it occurs naturally in the body as a semi-essential or conditional amino acid. This means that Arginine is essential at a certain age and at under specific circumstances. Infants are not able to produce Arginine on their own. The only way they can attain it is by receiving it through the natural sources that may be included in their diet. As adults, we are able to produce it on our own yet it is sometimes not enough to award us with the maximum amount of its known advantages. Arginine

The benefits we should be getting from Arginine boost the idea of medical experts to incorporate it in supplements. Why, several studies proved that regulating the amount of Arginine in our body helps promote our wellbeing. It is responsible for a lot of good things that can help our body attain its finest shape.  

The Natural Sources

One of the barriers to enjoying the benefits of the amino acid Arginine is unbanlanced nutrition and/or a specific physical condition that deprives us of the ability to make the necessary amount of Arginine that our body needs. In this case, supplemental intake of Arginine may be advised. Before herbal and vitamin supplements containing the amino acid were created, however, Arginine may be obtained by consuming it through its natural sources.

Arginine may be found in dairy products, seafood, nuts, meats, oatmeal, chocolate, cereal, corn, brown rice and buckwheat. Different types of cheeses such as cottage and ricotta as well as milk and its other preparations including yoghurts and protein drinks are very good sources of Arginine. You may also get your supply from beef, chicken, and turkey. Nuts like cashew, pecan, almond, walnut, hazelnut, and peanut and seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame also contain the essential amino acid. Beefing up your diet with protein and its many dietary sources can be a good way of loading up on Arginine and enjoy its full potential as a wonder amino acid.

The History Of Arginine

Before Arginine made history as one important amino acid, it was previously unknown to mankind. It was only in 1886 that it was isolated by Ernst Schultze, a Swiss chemist, from a lupin seedling extract. Almost five decades later, in 1932, scientists discovered that Arginine is significant in the creation of urea, a waste product that helps remove toxins like ammonia from the body. Seven years later, in 1939, Arginine was proven to be significant in the creation of creatine, which breaks down to become creatinine, and is cleared by the kidneys from the body.

Many other essential roles of Arginine were discovered after that. In recent studies, Arginine was indicated as a supplement for heart patients. It also showed impressive results in boosting the bodyís immune system. Most importantly, Arginine boosts the production of HGH or the Human Growth Hormone when it is bonded to other amino acids, herbs, and other nutrients as a supplement for optimum health.

Arginine and the Human Growth Hormone

HGH is an all important hormone that helps promote optimum health. While we are young, our body produces HGH at a constant high level. That is responsible for our healthier cells, which translates into supple skin, perfectly working immune system, stronger muscles and bones, and positive moods among others. HGH, as they say, plays the most important role of keeping our physical, mental, and emotional states youthful.

HGH is produced through the pituitary gland. It helps regenerate and rejuvenate our body cells, replacing the old and dead ones so we enjoy fresh new sets every so often. The bad news is, our body cannot sustain a high level of HGH as we get older. That is why, supplements were introduced. The discovery of Arginine and its possible positive effects to boost the production of HGH levels in our body makes it an essential ingredient in herbal and vitamin supplements. But that is not everything Arginine can offer. It has many things in store to give our body the ultimate advantage. It was Arginineís ability to boost the production of HGH that is responsible for almost all of the amino acidís known benefits.

First, there was the immune system. Arginine helps boost the immune system, strengthening the bodyís defenses against viruses, bacteria, and even tumor cells. In that sense, Arginine keeps the body protected from the common colds, flues, and possibly, even cancer.

Second, there was tissue regeneration. Arginine helps promote the easy healing of wounds due to its strength in repairing and reviving the tissues.

Third there was muscle and bone strength. Arginine is known to be essential in bodybuilding as it helps promote stronger muscles and bones.

Fourth, there was sexual performance. Arginine has been associated to improved sexual appetite. It is also used to help treat erectile dysfunction.

There are many other benefits that we can get from Arginine. Most of them are under careful study. We cannot, of course, ignore the fact that as Arginine is useful, it may also come with a few drawbacks. Thatís where the experts come in. They do thorough medical research and testing to ensure that people will be able to take advantage of the benefits of Arginine without having to embrace its possible side effects.

Other Applications of Arginine

One of the more favorable uses of Arginine in the medical arena is in treating patients with chronic heart disease. Just recently, in 2000, Arginine has been discovered to be useful in heart failure due to the fact that it is naturally converted into nitric oxide (NO) by the human body. Such a chemical reaction results into the relaxation of blood vessels. Arginine helps promote better blood circulation. As such, it is often advised as a supplemental drug in patients where vasodilation is necessary. Arginine is also supplied in patients with liver dysfunction as well as in HIV-infected individuals. Arginine is true enough, a wonder amino acid. When supplemented as directed by a qualified professional, it may play an important role to enjoy optimum body health.

List Of HGH Supplements Containing Arginine

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