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Reverse Aging With Detox Safely!

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Fasting Detox for Health and Beauty

Over the millennia, humans have fasted for a variety of reasons. Many cultures fasted to feel closer to their God(s), and fasting has also been prescribed for good health for centuries. The more that is learned about the human body, the more it is realized that fasts of short duration also have many anti-aging benefits. Toxic Symbol

Scientific studies have shown that calorie restriction lengthens life spans in mice. Mice are often used in scientific trials because their bodily systems work in a very similar way to humans’. These results indicate that a low calorie diet works extremely well to improve health and lengthen life, as long as the calories taken in are healthy and well-balanced (containing all essential nutrients.)

The anti-aging benefits of moderate fasting do not end with longer life spans, however. There are also many short term benefits to be had from engaging in this activity. Clear skin that is plump, healthy, and free from fine lines and wrinkles, toned muscles and less flab, and more youthful energy are just some of the effects you can expect from fasting.

True fasts involve consuming nothing but pure water, which your body needs in abundance during this healing period. It is best to fast when you have an opportunity to rest, because too much activity during a time when you are not ingesting calories puts a greater strain on your body systems. Refraining from eating allows your body to divert energy away from the digestive system, which is normally a large drain on your resources, and redirect it to healing and strengthening the rest of your systems and organs.

When you consume only pure water, you are not taking toxins into your body. With this respite from the many toxic substances most people are exposed to every day, your body can get to work on flushing out the toxins that have built up. When these toxins are present in your system, they can cause dehydration, which causes sagging skin and results in lines and wrinkles on the face. Your body will also hang on to extra water to dilute these toxins, which causes bloat and flab, especially in the stomach area.

Obviously you will look younger with plump, healthy, glowing skin that is free of wrinkles, and a trimmer waistline will give you a more youthful silhouette. Of course fasting cannot reverse all the ravages of time, but depending on your age, you may be free of facial lines after a fast. Older people will still see a dramatic improvement.

In order to protect you from pollutants, your body will store them in fat cells. This keeps the toxins “locked away,” but the damage is only minimized, not eliminated. The longer these toxin-filled fat cells exist on your body, the older you will look and feel. Fasting makes your body turn to fat stores for energy, and this releases these stored toxins. As long as you are drinking a good amount of water, your body will flush them away. You will feel much of your youthful vigor restored after a fast, and you may be amazed at how many of your “every day” aches and pains simply disappear. Many people are able to bend over or squat down much more swiftly and without pain after a fasting detox.

The evidence is clear: fasts of short duration detoxify the body and provide many health and beauty benefits. You will look and feel younger after this simple, easy to do anti-aging procedure. Although prolonged fasting can slow your metabolism, a short fasting detox will help your body heal all of your systems, including your metabolism. Fasting for detox has many short and long term anti-aging effects.


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