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What Are Fat Transplants And Fat Transfers?

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A balanced look at fat transfer surgeries

You may have heard a lot about fat transfer injections in recent years and may be curious about the procedure. Well, a fat transfer is a fairly successful medical procedure that grafts fat from one portion of the body, where it may be in excess, to another portion of the body where some augmentation is needed. Fat transfers have several advantages over any other method of augmentation in that these procedures use the body's own tissue and so require no preliminary testing. There is also little chance of the transplanted tissues being rejected, because they are from the person's own body. Liposuction Machine

The earliest medical use of fat transfers dates from over a hundred years ago, when a German doctor called Franz Neuber first used a fat transfer to fill a pit in the cheek of one of his patients. However, it was only with the advent of liposuction (which allows a doctor to easily withdraw packets of fat from a patient's body), that fat transfers really became relatively commonplace.

Areas of the body that can be augmented with a fat transfer surgery:

Fat transfer injections can be used for a variety of purposes and for surgeries involving different portions of the body. They are used to enhance the breast and to create a better shape in a person's buttocks. They can also be used to smooth out wrinkled hands or faces. Often enough a person who has had extensive plastic surgery to rejuvenate her face, and who has had her breasts enhanced, still shows her age, simply because she has wrinkled hands. By injecting packets of fat into the layers of the skin of the hands, the hands can be made to look and feel both soft and youthful.

Fat transfers can also be used to ornament the lips, where one or more tiny incisions are made at a corner of the mouth, and a layer of fat that might be just a millimeter thick is inserted into the patient's lips. This process not only is more acceptable to the body than conventional enhancement surgeries, because it doesn't introduce a foreign substance into the body, but it also provides a more natural (and sometimes softer) feel as well. As a matter of fact, this is pretty much the rule where all fat transfer injections are concerned. Since they use fat that is essentially a part of the person's own body and which is therefore a completely natural substance, fat transfer injections always make the augmented areas feel much more natural than they do when any synthetic filler is employed in the augmentation process.

Now, obviously, fat transfers can only be used on a person who actually has some fat to spare. Thin people are not candidates for fat transfer injections and must look elsewhere for their cosmetic surgery solutions.

How it works…

So, how does a fat transfer actually work? Well, there are different methods, and the technique may differ from one medical practitioner to another, but generally speaking, viable fat is withdrawn from the body with using a liposuction cannula. This fat is then spun in a centrifuge to remove debris and any unwanted impurities. Then small quantities of fat are injected into the desired areas of a person’s body. The fat is injected in small globules, each of which is usually about the size of a pea. This is because if more fat is injected in a particular area it may have problems finding a viable blood supply.

Dermal Filler Injection The fat is injected into different layers of the skin, as well as into the muscles themselves, to provide the greatest chance that the fat will survive. Remember that a certain percentage of this injected fat is going to be reabsorbed by the body. Usually, around thirty percent of the fat is reabsorbed by the body, but often enough it can be a higher percentage, and sometimes up to ninety percent of the injected fat can be absorbed by the body over time.

Successes and possible risks:

So, as you can see, the success of fat transfer injections generally differs from person to person. Most cosmetic surgeons will inject a larger percentage of fat to counter the absorption process. However, this can sometimes go wrong. I’ve seen cases where the excess fat injected was not absorbed by the body at all, but remained in place and was unsightly. As with all other surgeries, there is a certain chance that things might go wrong.

Depending upon the area treated, a patient may experience from light to rather severe bruising. Generally speaking, the larger the area treated, the more bruising that will be evident. Swelling may last up to several months, depending upon how long it takes for excess fat in the transfer area to be absorbed by the body.

Make no mistake though, Fat transfer injections have serious advantages over any other form of cosmetic or augmentation surgery, and this holds true no matter what part of the body is undergoing augmentation. This is because fat transfer surgeries are done via injection, and require no major incisions. This means that scarring due to fat transfer surgeries is minimal and virtually invisible. Best of all (as I mentioned earlier), these injections don’t involve the insertion of a foreign object into the body, and thus can prevent unnecessary complications later. For example, it’s well documented that changing air pressures in airplanes can cause complications with breast implants made of synthetic materials. With a fat transfer these complications just don't occur.

Note, however, that so far the procedure for fat transfer surgery has not been passed by the Food and Drug administration, or any other regulatory body in America.

Maximizing the chances that a fat transfer will work:

There are things that a patient can do to maximize the chances that fat transfer injections will work. There are certain preparatory procedures to be observed between three to five weeks before the surgery, and similar procedures to be observed after the surgery. A patient who carefully observes these procedures will maximize the chances that the injections will be successful.

Similarly, in certain cases repetitive treatments might become necessary, and a patient who is willing to undergo these treatments will be more likely to achieve the desired results. To give you an idea about how much fat transfers may cost, fat transfer operations range in cost between three hundred to five thousand dollars, five thousand dollars being the cost of treating the entire face.

Ultimately, though, it’s just an outpatient procedure..

Yes, the fat transfer is essentially an outpatient procedure, and patients can resume most of their usual activities within a few days. This means that with fat transfer injections, the results are not only more natural, but the surgery will take as little time from your life as possible.


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