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How To Use Genotropin!

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Genotropin Injection Directions

If you have been prescribed Genotropin of Pfizer for injection, you may be wondering how to properly and safely inject it. Genotropin is a brand name of Somatropin, or Human Growth Hormone, that can be prescribed in the U.S, but is illegal to use without a prescription. In some countries it may be legal to use without a prescription. This article should not be interpreted as advising or promoting any illegal or unsafe activity. It is meant only to help people who have obtained Genotropin through legal means understand the directions for proper and safe use. This site or the author of this article is not liable for any consequences arising from any misunderstanding of the directions contained herein, including misunderstanding arising from honest errors in information.

In the U.S, Genotropin is currently available with four different methods of delivery—the Genotropin MiniQuick, the Genotropin Mixer, the Genotropin Pen 5, and the Genotropin Pen 12. This article will discuss directions for all four methods in a straight-forward way.

Directions for Using Genotropin MiniQuick

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and use rubbing alcohol or disinfectant to wipe the rubber stopper on the MiniQuick. This will help to prevent infection.  The injection needle will have a paper covering. Take this paper off, but leave the protective caps ON the needle. Screw the needle into the MiniQuick device and keep turning until it won't turn anymore. Genotropin MiniQuick

Hold the Miniquick device so that the needle is pointing upwards, towards the ceiling. There is a plunger on the bottom of the device (opposite to the needle.) Turn this plunger to the right (clockwise) until it won't turn anymore. This mixes the Genotropin powder with the liquid so you will be able to inject it.

DO NOT SHAKE THE MINIQUICK. This may damage the product and cause it not to work.

There is a window on the device. You should be able to see the mixed liquid. If it is cloudy or has particles in it, it is defective. DO NOT INJECT IT. If it is transparent (you can see through it) with no particles, then it can be safely injected.

Choose a site for injection. Your doctor will have told you which sites are the best. Disinfect the skin where you will inject the Genotropin by using rubbing alcohol. Take the protective caps off of the needle.

Pinch your skin so that you have a fold of skin between two fingers. Put the needle all the way into your skin, straight in at a 90 degree angle to the skin surface. Do not insert the needle at any other angle.

Push the plunger all the way down, as far as it will go. Wait a few seconds to make sure that all the medication is in.

Withdraw the needle, replace the safety cap, and dispose of the MiniQuick safely.

**NOTE: MiniQuicks can be stored, at room temperature or colder, for up to three months, as long as you have not turned the plunger to mix the powder with the liquid. Once the plunger has been turned and the plunger mixed with the liquid, it must be refrigerated if you cannot inject it right away. Even if you refrigerate it, it must be thrown out after 24hrs. ALWAYS store MiniQuicks in the carton, because light falling on the MiniQuick can destroy the growth hormone and it won't work.

If you use a needle guard, the needle guard must be put on after taking off the outer protective cap, but before taking off the inner protective cap on the needle. Needle guards must be disinfected before and after each use.

Directions for Using Genotropin Mixer

The Genotropin Mixer allows growth hormone to be reconstituted (the powder mixed with liquid to be ready for injection) and stored for up to 28 days. A separate insulin syringe is needed to inject the mixture. Genotropin Mixer

Wash and dry hands thoroughly to reduce the chance of infection at the injection site.

The Genotropin Mixer has two parts: a light green holder and a darker green plunger. Unscrew the plunger rod from the holder and remove it.

Remove the Genotropin cartridge from its package. The cartridge has a metallic and rubber tip. Insert the cartridge into the holder with the tip going in first. The tip should stick out of the end of the holder when it is completely inserted.

Screw the green plunger rod back in completely. Screwing in the rod mixes the growth hormone power with the liquid so that it is ready to inject.

Look through the window at the mixture in the cartridge. If there are particles that are not dissolved, slowly tip the mixer back and forth until the mixture is clear. DO NOT SHAKE, and DO NOT INJECT THE MIXTURE IF YOU SEE PARTICLES OR CLOUDINESS.

Use a swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to disinfect the rubber tip of the cartridge that is sticking out of the Genotropin Mixer device.

The Genotropin Mixer comes with a pressure release needle. Remove the cover from the pressure release needle. DO NOT TOUCH THE NEEDLE.

Make sure that the rubber tip of the cartridge is facing the ceiling so that no growth hormone can spill out. Use the pressure release needle to pierce the tip. This will release extra pressure inside the cartridge. You only need to do this step when a new cartridge is opened, not when you re-use a cartridge.

The rubber tip of the cartridge must be disinfected with an alcohol swab each time you remove solution from the cartridge.

Take an insulin syringe and remove the needle guard. Turn the Genotropin Mixer over so the the cartridge tip is pointing downwards. Insert the insulin needle through the rubber tip. Watch carefully to make sure that the entire needle is covered with the growth hormone medication. If the needle sticks up out of the fluid, air will be taken into the syringe.

Slowly pull back the plunger on the insulin syringe until the needle is filled with your required dosage.

Do not remove the syringe from the Genotropin Mixer yet. Gently tap the syringe to help any air bubbles float upwards towards the tip of the needle. Gently and slowly push the plunger in just far enough to get rid of any air bubbles. You can now take the needle out of the mixer.

Disinfect your chosen injection site with an alcohol swab. Pinch the skin between your fingers and insert the needle of the insulin syringe with a smooth, quick movement. Depress the syringe so that all of the growth hormone mixture is injected, and wait a few seconds before removing the needle.

Remaining mixture must immediately be put in the fridge.

Directions for Using Genotropin Pen 5 and Genotropin Pen 12

(The only difference between the two is that the Pen 5 can only be used with 5mg cartridges and the Pen 12 can only be used with 12mg cartridges). In order to use the Genotropin Pen 5 or 12 you will need a 29, 30, or 31 gauge Becton Dickenson pen needle. Genotropin Pen

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to prevent infection of the injection site.

Remove the cap from the Genotropin Pen 5 or 12 and detach the metal part of the pen from the plastic part.

Screw a new needle onto the metal part of the pen.

Take a cartridge of Genotropin and wipe the rubber tip with rubbing alcohol to disinfect it. Insert the cartridge into the metal part of the Pen 5 or 12. The rubber stopper should be inserted towards the needle and pushed in firmly.

Press the red button. A black/white knob will appear. Turn this knob clockwise (to the right) as far as it will go. Check through the window—if you see a red plunger in the window, DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT. Turn the black/white knob counter-clockwise (to the left) until you can't see the red plunger through the window anymore.

Hold the metal part (the part with the needle) so that the needle points towards the ceiling. Screw the plastic body of the pen into the metal part. Tip the pen gently from side to side to make sure the solution mixes properly. DO NOT SHAKE. This can make the growth hormone ineffective (not work.)

Look through the window. If the solution is cloudy or has particles in it, do not use it.

Turn the black/white knob one click to the right. Hole the pen so that the needle points up to the ceiling and gently tap the metal part to move air bubbles to the top. Push the injection knob in until you see a drop of liquid appear at the needle point. Now you know there are no air bubbles in the solution.

Press the red button. The dose display will activate and show 0.0. To get the right dose, turn the black/white knob to the right until your correct dose shows in the display.

Swab your injection site with rubbing alcohol. Pinch a fold of skin and insert the Genotropin Pen 5 or 12 at a 90 degree angle as far as it will go. Push the black/white knob down until it clicks and hold for 5 seconds before withdrawing the pen.

Store remaining growth hormone in the Genotropin Pen 5 or 12's protective case, in the fridge. Do not store with needles attached.






































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