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What Can You Expect From Glutamine?

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The Rudman HGH Clinical Study
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The Benefits of Glutamine

GlutamineGlutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid. It is a naturally occurring building block of protein that may be supplemental as needed. Glutamine has many known benefits, as based on its basic functions.

Glutamine For A Better Immune Function

Glutamine is essentially needed for the immune system to work efficiently. Certain cells in the immune system rely on Glutamine to function appropriately. They rely on Glutamine to fuel their energy. For the immune system to work effectively in battling infections, therefore, substantial supply of Glutamine is needed.

Glutamine For Better Muscle Mass and Strength

Much of the Glutamine in the body is stored in the muscles. Over sixty percent of Glutamine stores in the muscles while the remaining 40 percent stores in other areas in the body including the lungs, the skin, the kidney, the liver, and the stomach. As an amino acid, Glutamine is essential for protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is responsible for an increased muscle mass. That is because protein metabolism is an important component of muscle building. Also, Glutamine decreases the breakdown on the muscle tissue during strenuous physical activities or extreme body workouts. This means that with Glutamine around, you will be able to rely on your muscles more efficiently. Glutamine is also associated with faster recovery times, which makes longer training periods possible. With Glutamine, you can expect your strength in performing intense workouts level up.

Glutamine For Swift Wound Healing

Glutamine aids in the maintenance of cell volume as well as hydration, making the body easier to bear with wounds and burns. This is a specific advantage that those who recently underwent a surgical procedure clearly enjoy. With sufficient levels of Glutamine, the body is able to recover faster from injuries while keeping it protected against the onset of infection.

Glutamine For Increased HGH Production

Glutamine has been constantly associated with an increase in the production of the human growth hormone or HGH. HGH is known for numerous benefits not just in the physical but also in the mental and psychological attributes of a person. A certain study showed that 2 grams of Glutamine could increase the production of HGH by no less than 400 percent.

Glutamine For Better Gastrointestinal Health

Glutamine has cleansing properties that are beneficial mostly to the gastrointestinal tract. It is a very essential element in intestinal health. It can repair a leaky gut and even alleviate the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Glutamine is also said to prevent ulcers. It helps to protect the cells in the lining of the intestine, making it less prone to inflammation, ulceration, and infection. Aside from that, Glutamine also helps improve healing in the stomach. It can make for substantial benefits in healing ulcers and several conditions such as diarrhea and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Glutamine, therefore, is not only beneficial for bodybuilders and athletes but also for regular people. It has a number of substantial benefits that can help people achieve optimal health. It cannot be denied, however, that those who are into extreme workouts and exercises are the ones who have a bigger need for it.

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