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How To Protect Your Health When Money Is Short?

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Health The Most Important Asset!

During hard times, things like healthy food, exercise, and supplements might seem like luxuries. However, falling seriously ill can prove to be even costlier. Also, keep in mind that even if your finances eventually recover from the illness, your body might not--or at least not completely. Therefore, excessively cutting down on health expenses can mean practicing false economics: taking measures to cut costs, which ultimately just make you spend more.

The best compromise between good health and frugality may be the prevention of illness through regular, low-cost measures to boost your general well-being. However, a truly cost-effective health measure is not just cheap--it should also be relatively quick and convenient. After all, time itself is a resource. Why spend unnecessary amounts of time on mediocre health measures, when you could spend that time on other meaningful projects, or on the making of more money for yourself and your family?

To an extent, healthy food may itself be a low-cost measure. Cooking at home instead of eating out can be cost-effective and also healthy because you can make sure that not too many fatty, sugary, or salty additives go into the food. Even so, the raw ingredients themselves may contain undesirable additives, or may have been produced or grown in ways that leave them ridden with harmful chemicals.

The complicated relationship between health and finances is an especially significant concern for people who are middle-aged or older. Such people may be retired, semi-retired, or headed towards retirement. If so, their earning power has decreased (or will soon), just at the time of life when their health expenses are set to go up.

In such cases, supplements may be prescribed or bought (if the product does not contain elements that require prescription). These supplements are quite wide in range. Some of them can be simple vitamin and/or mineral supplements, such as tablets of iron, calcium, or Vitamin C. Many of these can be picked up at a drugstore and truly can help you feel better as you age. For instance, calcium can help stave off osteoporosis especially if the pills are taken with orange juice (the juice can actually increase your body’s calcium absorption).

Otherwise, you might have to take more comprehensive or extreme measures as far as your supplements go. After all, one or two vitamin pills cannot be expected to tackle all your aches and pains. Bodily changes such as hair loss, declining energy, and weaker immunity are at least partially attributable to lower production of your body’s natural growth hormone. You can lessen these changes by taking human growth hormone supplements, but be sure to do so very carefully. These relatively cheap pills can pack a wallop, and can have unintended effects on your hormonal system, especially if it happens to be imbalanced already. Do invest in a good consultation with a doctor if you plan to take this particular measure to improve your health, especially if you happen to have serious diabetes, since the hormone affects liver function and glucose levels. The supplement can also affect different individuals in various ways depending on their existing pituitary system. Keep in mind that supplements themselves do not contain HGH, but rather work on your body in such a way as to get it to keep your HGH levels up. Therefore, different doses might be recommended for different people.


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