HGH Vallarta: Where To Get Legal Growth Hormone Therapy for Anti-Aging

Low levels of human growth hormone (HGH) give rise to a number of unpleasant symptoms. Decline in the amount of this naturally occurring substance is a factor in the appearance of signs of aging, such as wrinkles and loss of lean muscle. Researchers have observed that HGH therapy helped patients to look younger. There is evidence that it promotes internal health as well.

Perhaps, sadly, it is illegal to get growth hormone replacement for dealing with signs of aging in the United States. The same is the case in some other countries. But there are still others, such as Mexico, where you can legally get the substance. This is where you will find HGH Vallarta, a clinic that provides high quality HGH for anti-aging.

Why HGH Vallarta?

HGH Vallarta a great place to go for legal HGH therapy. People in the United States and Canada will especially find it so. This is considering the relative proximity of Mexico. The age management clinic is strategically located in the resort town of Puerto Vallarta on the country’s Pacific coast.

Unlike in the U.S. and Canada, restrictions on the use of growth hormone for off-label purposes are less strict elsewhere. HGH Vallarta says it is legally certified to prescribe HGH to uses and distribute a number of top HGH brands. The clinic head Dr. Essau Gutierrez carries an official certificate that is issued for this purpose.

This clinic, therefore, offers you a practically stress free way of getting HGH for anti-aging, muscle mass building and other off-label benefits. With its help, you need not worry about law enforcement arresting you for unlawful use of a regulated substance.

As you may be aware, you cannot get HGH therapy in the U.S. unless you are diagnosed with a medical condition requiring it. Aging is not one of those; it is natural. So, you cannot get growth hormone for that. HGH Vallarta offers you a means of getting the substance safely without legal repercussion.

Besides growth hormone, HGH Vallarta also offers replacement therapy for other substances that often suffer a decline and thereby aggravate effects of aging. These include testosterone and estradiol.

Affordable HGH Therapy

Cost is another key thing that scares people away from getting HGH therapy for anti-aging – apart from federal laws. Depending on the level of the substance in your body, you may need in excess of $20,000 per year for treatment! That’s such a huge amount. Obviously, not everyone can afford that. You also need luck and persistence in your search to find a clinic that can offer you growth hormone for anti-aging in the U.S.

The cheaper costs available abroad, coupled with absence of legal sanctions, explain why some people are willing to travel for therapy. An increase has been observed in the number of people traveling south for medical care in recent years.

HGH Vallarta says you can expect to make a saving of between 50 and 75 percent on therapy. You can return home with 540 IUs of legal HGH for as low as $3,220 (US)!

You may even decide to enjoy a great vacation in the resort town with the saving made on treatment. Lying on Mexico’s Pacific coast, specifically in the Bahia de Banderas, Puerto Vallarta is known for its beaches, nightlife and water sports.

Top HGH Brands

By offering HGH therapy at lower costs, it might seem HGH Vallarta uses generic, dubious products. The anti-aging clinic actually offers you growth hormone from reputable manufacturers. These include:

  • Norditropin by Novo Nordisk
  • Genotropin by Pfizer
  • Humatrope by Eli Lily
  • Saizen by Merck
  • Xerendip by PiSA Labs

The official license the clinic has gives its access to these top HGH brands. Almost all the offerings have the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can confirm this on your own as well.

HGH Vallarta is officially certified to distribute and prescribe HGH. It says clients are free to verify the authenticity of products directly with their respective manufacturers.

Protect Your Health

It is not entirely impossible to get HGH for off-label uses without traveling out of the U.S. There are underground dealers, dubious doctors, and unregulated online pharmacies that can provide you with supply. But you run risk of being found out by law enforcement.

The greater worry, however, is the danger to your health. You cannot be really sure of what you are consuming when getting HGH from the black market. For instance, there is report of some products containing 192 amino acids, instead of 191 – that matters for efficacy.

Even worse is the possibility of harmful additives and contaminants being present in what you get for growth hormone. This puts your health at significant risk.

HGH Vallarta can help you to avoid all these issues. To start with, you do not need to resort to the black market for your supply. There are also experienced professionals on ground to ensure successful therapy.

What to Expect

Doctors at HGH Vallarta take you through similar process as what obtains for HGH therapy in the U.S. or Canada. It begins with a free consultation to enable you express your expectations and ask relevant questions. You may need to pay for this elsewhere.

Blood testing then follows to determine if you are indeed a candidate for HGH therapy. A doctor will assess the results of the blood tests and suggest appropriate approach to treatment. He gives dosage recommendations, if you are qualified for therapy.

Note that it is not a given that you will be eligible to get growth hormone. Blood tests may reveal you have medical conditions that make HGH therapy less ideal or not advisable. And you might not already be aware of these problems.

HGH Vallarta says it abides by strict protocols and guidelines in giving therapy. Well, this is somewhat obvious from the process it follows for treatment. This is a good sign.

Benefits you can expect from boosting your growth hormone levels include:

  • Reversal or slowing of the aging clock
  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Reduction in body fat
  • Better libido
  • Improvement in sleep quality
  • Improved performance and strength
  • Faster recovery

For men, the benefits of HGH therapy may become amplified when combined with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Get HGH in One Day

You cannot afford to stay in Mexico for days to receive treatment? Then, you need to take advantage of HGH Vallarta’s Fly & Buy Program. It is possible to get your supply and necessary paperwork in just one day through this.

You simply need to book your appointment ahead and arrive early for necessary blood testing. This requires you fasting for 12 hours. You may also choose to do the blood work before traveling to Puerto Vallarta.

Once you have your results, your supply (of up to three months) is made available in a cooler with ice packs. HGH Vallarta provides you necessary paperwork to return home with the growth hormone without having legal issues with relevant authorities.

It is legal to bring medications into the United States; so long you can prove it is for personal use. Otherwise, you stand at risk of drug trafficking charges. The paperwork HGH Vallarta provides should cover this part.

The FDA doesn’t allow substances that are not approved by it to enter into the US. So, it is a great thing that most products, if not all, offered by the age management clinic has the approval of the agency. That should, therefore, not be a problem. Do consider reading the applicable law here. This may change, so you need to always check for latest laws when considering getting HGH therapy for anti-aging from the clinic.

HGH Vallarta can assist in searching for the cheapest fares and most convenient flights. If you are willing to spend days there, they promise to help you get secure accommodation that suits your budget.

With HGH Vallarta, legal prohibition or high cost is no longer a reason not to use growth hormone to fight aging, just as some celebrities are reported to. The clinic lies in a strategic, scenic location that you can easily access from the U.S. or Canada. It provides legal HGH therapy at just a fraction of the costs you are probably familiar with. You may need to discuss with your doctor before deciding on therapy, though.


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