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HGH and wrinkles

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The Rudman HGH Clinical Study
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Watch Your Wrinkles Fade With HGH

When we begin to grow old, the word "wrinkle" is dreaded.  What are wrinkles? Is there a way to prevent or make them disappear? What is the best solution to stop wrinkles? Our skin ages all throughout the body, and ages even faster when there had been over exposure to the sun. Effects brought by sun damage include dryness, liver spots, sagginess, and wrinkles. Wrinkles are ridges or fine lines surface in our skin. Skin wrinkles usually appear as the result of aging and as the result of exposure or immersion in water for a long time. Wrinkles in our skin can also be caused by facial expressions, sun exposure, habitual smoking, aging, poor hydration and other factors. 


A number of other factors can also cause wrinkles; smoking is one principal cause for premature wrinkling; it can rob our skin of substantial nutritional elements. Cigarette smoking decreases circulation of blood in our skin which results in the appearance of wrinkles prematurely. Additionally anyone who smokes a cigarette is doing many facial movements repetitively which causes even more wrinkles especially around the mouth.


Wrinkles can appear on all parts of our body where the sun exposure is greatest. It can be in the face, back, neck, hands, and the forearms. There are two types of wrinkles: fine lines and deep furrows. Treatments for wrinkles are in general effective for just fine lines. Creases that are deep require treatments that are more extensive, such as lasers, injections or plastic surgery.


Products and treatments such as creams promise to prevent, reduce, or permanently remove wrinkles. Creams can be very helpful but one must make sure they are using a good proven anti aging product. Face-lift or stretching of the skin can also remove wrinkles, but these procedures are generally expensive and painful.


Other factors that are relevant to wrinkles are your skin type, if you have light skin and have blue eyes and you are prone to burning then your skin is more prone to damage.  Ironically your hairstyle can also be vital to wrinkling; because the type of hairstyle we wear can provide covering from sun damage and protection from sun exposure. Occupation and habits can also play a significant role in premature wrinkling.  Farmers, sailors, golfers, and those who use tanning booths are at higher risk of developing wrinkles prematurely.  Although some factors are beyond our control we could still slow the wrinkling process by avoiding too much sun exposure.


SPF on sunscreens refers to the strength of protection against UV radiation. A number of sunscreens provide protection against UVA as well. UVA are the type used in tanning booths; they may not cause immediate sunburns but they increase skin cancer risk over time. Warning! Do not believe in safe tanning!


Some say that wrinkles signify wisdom; however, nowadays people would prefer not to have them at all; yes the times are changing. In the current arsenal against wrinkles we have a large number of products that claim to reduce wrinkles. While some of these products give excellent results others do a little and some times may even cause side effects. Still one of the most revolutionary products is not a cream nor a procedure but rather a hormone; the human growth hormone. HGH works differently from creams it actually gets rid of wrinkles from the inside out while creams only smooth out the outside; think of sanding paper!  In other words hgh makes your skin younger from the inside by making it generate more collagen and ellastin. HGH is the only proven product to have anti aging properties on practically every organ in the body. If you want to try an hgh regimen to rid yourself of wrinkles fine and deep, look into the following proven legal hgh supplements: Sytropin, Genfx, Genf20, GHR1000, Z-tropin  and Provacyl .


















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