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Does HGH Enhance Athletic Performance?

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The Rudman HGH Clinical Study
HGH studies are still in their infant stages. There is yet to be a study of how the long......


HGH and Athletic Performance

The use of performance-enhancing drugs constantly stirred controversies through the years. Until now, improving your athletic agility through medication poses a big question: Is it worth the risk?

The Issue of Anabolic Steroid Use in Sports

Particularly in sports, the use of performance-enhancing drugs is being watched closely. Those who hold important sporting events such as the NFL or the National Football League imposes strict rules and regulations about anabolic steroid use and abuse. Others consider it unethical for athletes to come out and play with performance-enhancing drugs powering them up in the background. Random blood screenings are held to test athletes for anabolic steroid, HGH, and other performance-enhancing medications. Once coming out positive, the athlete will be subjected to several disciplinary actions including the inability to play for a specific season or competition.

Then again, enforcement of laws covering the use of performance-enhancing drugs is not as effective as one might think. That is especially since we do not have an effective method of finding out or measuring performance-enhancing drug use 100% of the time. Blood screenings have shown in many cases their inability to trace anabolic steroid use beyond 48 hours. Good thing, doping specialists have found an ideal way to tackle the problem. Currently, a highly technological urine testing method is being worked out to measure the abuse of such substances more efficiently.

Why the Outrage About HGH And Other Enhancing Drugs?

If performance-enhancing drugs are out to provide vitality and agility like no other, why is it then that they are being banned for use in sports? If anabolic steroids and the like are just there to provide a performance-enhancing effect, there would probably not be too much controversy surrounding them. But because most of these drugs can have severe side effects on the users they have been banned.

Recent reviews and studies have also shown that HGH, particularly, does not improve  physical performance, really. Yes, it can improve muscle mass and it can increase bone density but it needs more studies to prove that it can actually improve the body's strength.

This has been the constant yell of Kennesaw State University's J.C Bradbury, Ph.D. he claims that no scientific evidence has been found to prove that growth hormones can improve one's athletic performance. Yes, there is no scientific evidence yet but Dr. Bradbury may still be wrong into thinking that HGH  has no enhancing effects. Athletes themselves attest to the facts that using human growth hormone has helped them improve their speed and strength.

There are many different reviews, studies, and testimonies proving one or the other. But whether or not human growth hormone truly makes a big difference on one's athletic performance, we will always have to go back to the big question: Is it worth the risk? Would you be confident in using performance-enhancing drugs knowing that your athletic feat might come at a great price to your health.



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