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Is Looking Younger Using HGH Worth Getting Cancer, Acromegaly And Diabetes?

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The Rudman HGH Clinical Study
HGH studies are still in their infant stages. There is yet to be a study of how the long......

HGH Warning! Can HGH Cause Cancer And Diabetes?

Cancer A Possible Side effect Of HGH!

Human growth hormone or HGH has gotten a lot of mileage for its benefits to an individualís health, particularly in delaying the signs of aging. HGH is said to be effective in helping people improve their physical and mental performance. It is also said to be effective in helping improve the bodyís immune system and fight off injuries and ailments. However, like any medication, there are also some concerns on the use of HGH, particularly its side effects on people.

Many possible side effects of HGH were discussed in an article written by Gretchen Reynolds for the New York Times published on August 20, 2008. The article shared studies conducted by several leading medical publications revealed that HGH was causing the body to fall prey to blood sugar imbalances resulting in diabetes. It also cited that HGH may also cause diseases such as arthritis and high blood pressure. These studies have exposed HGH as a substance that may be considered as high-risk and high-reward.

For a better appreciation of HGH, the NY Times article traced how the HGH industry began. It was a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine sometime in 1990 wherein male sexagenarians were injected with HGH for half a year. The doses were high, about 2 times higher that those given to patients having growth-hormone deficiency. The study then found out that the patients recorded 14 percent decline in body fat, at least 8% increase in their lean body mass as well as a 1.6 % increase in their spineís bone density. According to the NY Times article, the changes were akin to the patients becoming 10-20 years younger than their actual ages.

But the NY Times article contended that while that study launched the popularity of HGH treatment, many did not take notice of another article that appeared on the same issue date of the New England Journal of Medicine. That article, according to the NY Times, had warned on the use of HGH by otherwise healthy individuals. HGH use among healthy individuals is said to cause blood sugar imbalance in the body, and worse, diabetes. The article also said that HGH use can result in thickening of the bones which can result in joint pain and arthritis. The study also added that increased HGH in the body can can cause other side effects like high blood pressure and edema. A worse case scenario has HGH resulting in congestive heart failure.

Aside from that study, the NY Times article also said that HGH can result in unrestrained cell growth. Although there are no legitimate studies to back him up Dr. Thomas Perls of the Boston University School of Medicine said that HGH may result in the development of cancers like breast and prostate cancer.

The NY Times also cited the case of a certain Hanneke Hops who took HGH daily beginning in 2003 at the age of 53. Hops was delighted to report that she had lost 16 pounds two months into the use of HGH. In fact, she had told The San Francisco Chronicle about the positive effects of HGH on her body.

However, Hops was diagnosed to have tumors in several parts of her body such as the liver, ovaries, and pancreas. Seven weeks after the diagnosis, Hops died. While the NY Times didnít conclude that Hopsí death was a result of her taking HGH, it can certainly make a good case out of it. Perls even added fuel to the speculation by saying that the use of HGH could have caused the cancers to grow rapidly and become untreatable.

While HGH is getting a lot of rave reviews, it may not exactly be as safe as many would like it to be perceived, according to the NY Times. Still anyone considering HGH therapy could first try a natural HGH releaser as they have proven to be safer than HGH injections. HGH releasers like Cloud Nine HGH, Genfx, Provacyl, Ghr1000, Genf20 Plus and HGH Energizer Have all Proven to be very good at stimulating the production of HGH Naturally.



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