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HGH Deficiency In Adults Symptoms And Treatment

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Understanding HGH Deficiencies in Adults

Not long ago, scientists and researchers finally figured out a way to create huge amounts of HGH.  The technique they used required them to use technology dependent on recombinant DNA.  The biosynthetic form of growth hormone used today was the ultimate result.  Eli Lily, Genentech, and a number of other pharmaceutical companies wanted to get in on the deal.  It so happy that about half a year after the Federal Food and Drug Administration decided to put a stop to the way human growth hormone had been extracted before -- from the pituitary glands of corpses -- they went on to approve the new, biosynthetic form of growth hormone.  However, they did so with a caveat stating that the new product could only be used to help children with hormone deficiencies.  For example, children who risked having stunted growth of having dwarfism qualified.


Since that time, naturally, many people have wondered what other medical conditions and situations could benefit from synthetic HGH injections Like Saizen, Genotropin, Norditropin and the Chinese Brand Jintropin.


The fact that many children have hormone deficiencies has been recognized for years.  The fact that adults can have similar deficiencies, however, has only recently been brought to light.  People are only now beginning to recognize and understand them.  In children, these deficiencies occur because their bodies do not produce enough human growth hormone.  With adults, however, their deficiencies are typically the result of their bodies producing less of the essential protein.  Although this is something which naturally occurs over time, many negative effects are associated with it.  The heart rate can weaken and slow down; arterial plaque can increase; high blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol can all be a result, along with osteoporosis, weight gain, and loss of  muscle mass.  Nor are those the only effects.  It is not uncommon to feel fatigued, to lose quality sleep, to have headaches or migraines frequently, to be unable to concentrate, and to feel generally lacking in energy.  Even the moods and emotions change.  Typically, a lack of HGH also causes a lack of energy in intimacy and increases in anxiety, feeling shy, feeling depressed, and overweight.


A low level of Somatotropin is one of the main reasons that leads an adult to show many of the symptoms associated with human growth hormone deficiencies.  The problem can be very hard to diagnose when it comes to children, and much more is known about it.  Significantly less is known about the deficiency when it occurs in adults, thus it is even harder to diagnose the problem after a certain age.  In order to be diagnosed, one's blood may need to be drawn many times, and he or she will need to undergo a significant amount of observation.  This is partly so that the doctor can put together a patient history, as he or she will need to know about any health problems or medical conditions the patient may have gone through as a child, especially if they were related to growth.


Human growth hormone deficiencies are also called hypopituitarism.  When it occurs in adults, it can occur for many reasons.  Congenital problems are one cause, especially if the person had it prior to birth.  However, there are a number of other issues which can cause a deficiency as well.  An inflamed pituitary gland is one of them, as are certain autoimmune disorders and any problem which require the pituitary gland to be removed in surgery.  Sometimes, receiving radiation treatments can cause a deficiency.  Once A deficiency of HGH is established the treatment is generally HGH injections prescribed by a doctor.  Still those who just are not feeling as energetic as they used to be before or are just tired of feeling their age could consider a less drastic approach than HGH injections but rather supplement their diet with legal HGH supplements like Genf20 Plus or Sytropin. Genf20 Plus for example if incorporated with a good nutritional and exercise program could be very useful in helping anyone attain much better fitness levels without breaking the bank. Genf20 Plus, Hypergh 14xs and Sytropin are much more affordable than HGH injections like Saizen, Norditropin and Genotropin.




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