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By fluffy
#28522 Jonah Hill, famous for his roles in the movies Accepted (with Justin Long) Superbad (with Micheal Cera) and Get Him to the Greek (with Russel Brand) used to be very, very heavy. Now he is much slimmer. How did he lose all that weight?

There were rumors going around that Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill's Moneyball costar, made him lose the weight by lecturing him on healthy eating and guilting him into early morning workouts!

But mail online reveals, in a lengthy interview, that Jonah Hill's weight loss had nothing to do with Brad Pitt. Instead, it had to do with seeing a nutritionist, getting rid of bad habits, and eating a lot of Japanese food!

Well, however he did it,he is looking good now!

Read the original story and watch the interview here!
By efpierce
#68097 I think it is much easier for celebrities to lose weight or bulk up for a role than it is for the rest of it to do it in our normal daily lives. Celebrities have more disposable income than many of us and they can hire a team of physical trainers to come over to their personal home gyms and get them in shape. If I had someone showing up at my door every day to make me go workout and keep me motivated, I could do the same. We all could. Most of us are too busy taking care of our own lives to be our own best motivational coach as well.