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By loveyourlife
#29684 Anne Hathaway has often lost weight for a movie role: she lost about a dress size during filming the Devil Wears Prada (where her character is referred to as "6" by another character because she is "fat" for being a size 6 in the modelling world, and she slims down to a 4 by the end of the movie) and also to fit into a catsuit for the Batman movie, but this is a crazy challenge:

Anne Hathaway has been told to lose at least 16lbs in only 15-20 days for her role in Les Miserables.

She plays a woman who starts out at a healthy wait, and literally wastes away during the plot of the movie. Due to filming constraints, the actress must now survive on only 500 calories a day --that's a couple of apples and a protein shake, according to -- in order to lose enough weight to realistically portray the dying woman.

Obviously this is not healthy. What do you think of actors and actresses who rapidly gain or lose weight for a role? It's easy to admire their dedication to their art, but what about what this yo-yoing does to their hearts?
By susieq
#30885 Oh wow the things actors do for roles. I don't know if it's such a good idea to drastically change your body in such a way. With everything they can do now with special effects, why don't they just use those to make her look like a woman who is wasting away? I don't know if there's any honor in starving just because it's for a movie role...
By jonterns
#68101 It just goes to show how bad losing weight quickly really is for you. She looked awful in that movie, unhealthy and pale. I understand that was the part she was going for and she did it very well, but sometimes you can go too far.