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By susieq
#29896 I'm a little confused by the weight loss advice out there. Many times you are told not to eat after 6pm, and sometimes people say don't eat after 3pm, because your body will not have time to burn off the calories before you go to bed, but shouldn't this depend on when you go to bed? If you do shiftwork and you're still working and active until 11pm, then don't go to bed until 1am, would you be able to eat later? Because I don't really think it's healthy to be awake for 7-10 hrs without eating, especially if you are standing and active at your job during that time. Most nutritionists recommend eating every 3-4 hrs, even if it's just a small healthy snack like an apple and some tuna.

So what are those of us who work weird hours supposed to do for weight loss? Can anyone clarify? Thanks!! :D