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By squat
#74640 Good morning,

I really want to start using HGH but do not want to buy that cheap counterfeit crap or risk having the product ruined if it while shipped because it is not shipped properly.

From what i understand, I think you need a prescription? Or can i just bring it back from Mexico with no problem?

Thank you in advance,

By DamianCampbell
#74641 Good Morning,

Legally you are allowed to bring back HGH from Mexico, with a prescription as long as it is for personal use.

Our doctors here at HGH Vallarta will write you a prescription and get your blood work done.

Our clinic can sell you the HGH.

If you are interested please call:
1 800 252 3594

Or find us on the web at HGH Vallarta.

Best regards,

Damian Campbell