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Does HGH Help With Recovery After Major Surgery?

Human Growth Hormone (also known as HGH) is a helpful growth medication when taken for HGH deficiency. In the past, it was extricated from the pituitary glands of human cadavers. Nowadays, there are even certain supplements taken from the glands and brains of pigs. Regardless, most HGH produced at present is synthesized artificially in laboratories. Many tests have been conducted in regards to HGH's numerous benefits, but very little is actually known about the full spectrum of its advantages.  


Sure, HGH is definitely beneficial, especially when one asks the people who've taken it. Claims for this drug range from anti-aging to performance enhancement, but further tests must be undertaken before any of these claims can be taken seriously. Let it be clear that so far, most if not all of HGH's strength-improving effects isn't scientifically proven just yet. The pro-HGH crowd shouldn't take all the benefits of HGH as a matter of fact. To be sure, the athletic effects of HGH, if any, are unknowable and immeasurable due to the lack of factual tests and concrete studies.

However, in spite of the short supply of conclusive scientific evidence, a lot of credible sources like professional athletes, strength coaches, trainers, and sports doctors can vouch for the effectiveness of HGH. In terms of surgery recovery, a lot of evidence and anecdotal claims point to actual, verifiable usefulness. HGH has been proven to build and strengthen muscle even with the lack of exercise, which is specifically helpful when a person has been immobilized—that is, the condition that most recovering surgery patients are in.

In this regard, HGH has shown a capability to hasten recuperation as well as reduce the amount of physiotherapy rehabilitation needed after the initial healing. Tests on animals have demonstrated similarly good outcomes. In fact, one test conducted in Denmark involving experimental-colitis-infected rats indicate that the animals that have received HGH treatments exhibited less harm in both microscopic and macroscopic levels than the control group only after a week's worth of treatment. By the end of this experiment, the control group rats weighed 11% lighter than their original weight.

In other animal tests, observations show that HGH really does induce healing on internal surgery too, which was specifically demonstrated in one study wherein extensive segments of the digestive tract were surgically removed in order to see whether or not recuperation and tissue repair has taken place after HGH therapy. It did, and according to this test, HGH not only promoted regeneration, it speeded it up. At the very least, humans undertaking major gastrointestinal surgery in the future may look forward to using HGH to assist in their eventual recovery. Japan-based tests also produced positive results on burn victims, who showed improvement with increased IGF-1 levels.

Of course, the expensiveness of certain HGH-based drugs like the injectable Humatrope or Saizen doesn't make it very accessible to everyone. What's more, going back to the performance enhancement debate, athletes who abuse this drug tend to suffer from serious side effects like hypoglycemia, hypertension, carpal tunnel syndrome, extended belly, and acromegaly.

HGH shouldn't be considered a panacea or even the next fountain of youth; it is what it is. It's beneficial for certain conditions and even surgery recovery given proper administration, but it can be very dangerous to use when taken too much. It's helpful, but it's not the end-all, be-all of medicines.


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