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Should There Be exceptions For HGH Use In Professional Sports?

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The Use of HGH in Professional Sports

Professional Sports

Should HGH or human growth hormone supplements use in sports, especially in football, be approved? Well, there has been a long and hard battle for that. In the end, HGH use was only approved for therapeutic use. Recently, the drug advisor to the NFL or National Football League on the use of anabolic steroids, HGH supplements, and other performance-enhancing drugs has granted several players the clearance for testing positive for such drugs. That is only because, the players have explained a therapeutic need for the drug, specifically for testicular disease.

The NFL seen this as but being fair to the players but doping officials and the general public are getting greatly concerned that this might only be an opening for a wider HGH use in sports. Since any player who can show the need for HGH supplement will be allowed to take it, anti-doping activists feel that this could only be an opportunity for further abuse to take place.

Testicular disease is but one of the many exemptions that granted the use of growth hormone supplements. This is getting scary for doping officials, as they are perfectly aware that the HGH dangers are still there, glaring in the background. Reports of side effects from growth hormone misuse continue to pour. That is reason enough for them to shout out loud until stricter rules are implemented regarding this specific drug use.

Understanding The Exceptions

Anabolic steroids use was approved if there is a therapeutic cause raised. This means that the benefits that an individual will be able to get from the drug use overpower his risks for it. Basically, this shows that the use of HGH supplements is only implemented or approved because the user will suffer sorely without it rather than with it. It maintains the fact that HGH side effects are unacceptable. It maintains the fact that misuse of such a supplement could be health threatening. But those ugly truths can be reversed or beautified by the fact that HGH use for some is badly needed.

NFL officials see that the use of anabolic steroids among some of their players could be helpful more than being destructive. Playing certain sports can cause a lot of harms. Football, for example, is associated with brain damage. Some see, therefore, that allowing players an access to HGH supplements would not hurt them as much as it could even be useful in preserving the athlete’s health.

The HGH Battle Continues

The issue regarding the use of HGH supplements, anabolic steroids, and other performance-enhancing drugs in sports, specifically in football have come a long way. Since 1980s players are being tested for anabolic steroid use and when one is found positive, he will need to face suspensions. After a while, the use of performance-enhancing drugs in football was allowed in some levels, based on different exemptions. As a result, use of it in high school, college, and even professional football became widespread. A good percentage of those surveyed admitted to using a form of performance-enhancing drug throughout their careers.

This is pretty alarming since the heath risks are right at bay. The use of performance-enhancing drugs has been associated with numerous health risks and worst of all, with death.

List Of Safe HGH Supplements

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