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HGH in Sports, The Good News!

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The Uses Of HGH In Sports

There have been too much of a fuss regarding the use of HGH pr HGH-infused supplements by athletes. In fact, the big leagues’ rule against it was pretty tough. But, is HGH really dangerous of a substance to creep into sports?

What is HGH?

The misconception about HGH is rooted out from the wrong impression that people usually has towards it. For starters, HGH is a naturally occurring substance in the body. It is produced through the pituitary glands. It is supplied to the body to support its growth. When the body reaches its peak or when people become adults, the production of HGH declines.

That should not be a problem if HGH has that purpose alone. But the miracle growth hormone, as some people choose to address it, has more benefits than that. It can help build the muscles, make the bone strong, supplement the energy people need to perform arduous tasks, keep the skin smooth and supple, and maintain strong immune system among others. When HGH levels in the body start to diminish, its benefits to the human body goes with it. That’s how medical experts realized the need for HGH supplementation.

HGH supplements became in demand as soon as they were introduced to the market. Previously, it was only prescribed as treatment for HGH deficiency. Soon enough, however, a lot of people who always wanted to find an antidote to the ugly aging signs discovered that supplementing with HGH is a very charming option as it can help people feel young even at any age.

HGH in Sports

How HGH became popular in sports? Well, HGH has been found crucial to muscle build-up. It also helps a lot in making the bones strong. On top of that, HGH keeps the energy levels of a person consistently high. When you are in sports, you need all that. You need firm muscles, you need strong bones, and you need lots of energy. That’s why athletes who are serious about making waves in their chosen sports find it convenient to supplement their bodies with HGH. That is so they continue to enjoy the good things about it even at a point when their bodies can no longer produce enough.

Then again, sports watchers and experts alike find it alarming that HGH is becoming in demand. The critics went on to saying that there is no basis for claims that HGH can improve an athlete’s performance. But not anymore.

Just recently, the conclusion of a study showed that HGH supplementation helped the worst athlete in an Olympic race finish with gold. This is expected to help erase all the questions about the effectiveness of HGH supplements as it presents strong evidence that the substance does work in enhancing an athlete’s performance in his sport.

The study spearheaded by Dr. Ken Ho also gave figures. In their tests, they found out that the use of HGH supplement could lead to a 0.4 second improvement in 10 seconds for an athlete who joins a 100 meter sprint. That is convincing enough that the worst athlete in the pack could make a winner finish. Believers of HGH also hope that the study is enough to bust the bad impressions towards the miracle hormone.


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