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What are the legal uses of HGH?

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HGH Regulations And Laws

The technicalities of human growth hormone regulations allude many people. Unless you are willing to do some comprehensive research, it is extremely easy to remain in the dark about not only HGH, but also the pills, sprays, strips and injections meant to mimic it. It is crucial to understand these regulations and in order to do so, you must learn as much as possible about the hormone itself. It is a very vital protein which is responsible for the growth and development of the human body. Because you can clearly see how important human growth hormone is to your body, you can also see why it is so essential for you to understand everything about the regulations associated with it.

The hormone itself is produced by the pituitary gland. The body produces less and less of this protein as you get older. This decrease can cause any number of health problems. That is primarily why doctors recognized that HGH was an acceptable medical treatment over fifty years ago. At that time, the hormone was taken in its natural form from the bodies of cadavers. However, quite a few of those batches were later found to be contaminated. Thus in 1985, a new type of HGH was created a bio synthetic. They, too, are injected into living bodies.

Such injections are approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, as they pertain to treating certain conditions. Today, those conditions include human growth hormone deficiency; Turner's syndrome; chronic renal problems; intrauterine growth retardation; Prader Willi syndrome; height deficiencies which continue during and after puberty; and Cachexia. The usage of HGH injections to treat these conditions and problems is completely legal and approved.

At this point in time, the FDA has not approved HGH injections for any other medical or health problems. All the same, there are a number of pharmaceutical companies which believe human growth hormone can be used to help several other problems, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, and fibromyalgia. There are even those who believe human growth hormone can help not only with certain age related problems, but with the act of aging itself as well. Some also believe that it can act as an enhancer for athletes. However, currently, HGH is not approved for use in these endeavors.

Selling human growth hormone itself to people without a prescription is not legal. It is also illegal to sell HGH as a dietary supplement. If either of these substances are sold to someone who does not have one of the aforementioned medical problems approved for HGH injections, then the offense is punishable by law. It can carry both a prison sentence and heavy fines.

With that being said, homeopathic human growth hormone products are legal. Such products are typically made with HGH which has been diluted. If these products are sold as over the counter homeopathic remedies, then that is perfectly legal. In order to qualify both as legal and as a legitimate homeopathic remedy and thus in order to be sold in the first place products of this nature must match very specific criteria set forth from the FDA's Compliance Policy Guide. They have to be proven to be safe, effective, prepared in a high quality manner, and have been submitted for approval.

Some homeopathic HGH products come in the form of a cream or lotion. Others are referred to as HGH secretagogues; they are typically pills, capsules, powders, et cetera. Rather than containing actual human growth hormone, they are generally made of amino acids which can stimulate the body into increasing its production of HGH. Sometimes, homeopathic HGH products come in the form of a liquid spray.

To recap, HGH injections are legal if you have a legitimate prescription and if they are used to treat the medical conditions for which they have been approved. Selling or taking HGH without a prescription or if you do not have one of the approved conditions is illegal. Taking supplemental, homeopathic HGH products, if they are over the counter, is legal. If interested In HGH Supplements consider the Following Products: Cloud Nine HGHSytropin, GenfxGenf20, Provacyl,  and  HGH Energizer




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