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Can HGH Really Speed Up Recovery From Surgery

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HGH A Valuable Tool For Surgery Recovery


Surgery hgh

From the get go, it should be made clear that major surgery is very stressful on your body, such that it actually leaves your bedridden for a lengthy period of time and you need to go through a recovery and rehabilitation period before you can go back to your normal routine. Surgery trauma is also the reason why doctors are very wary about doing major surgery on patients with heart problems; the trauma by itself could actually kill a person.


Compound that with stress of either the physical or emotional variety, sleep deprivation because of the pain, painkillers to drown out the pain, and other drugs to counter the side effects of the painkillers, and you can see why post-surgery care is at times the more critical period than the surgery itself; everything patients go through after the procedure can add to the stress load, which affects his or her eventual recovery and rehabilitation.


On that note, the British Medical Journal's report on immunonutrients reveals that five particular nutrients have been proven to enhance the effectiveness of a person's immune system after undergoing surgery. What that has to do with HGH (Human Growth Hormone) will be discussed later. In any event, treating patients with any of these immunonutrients tend to result in a positive prognosis; their hospital stays will be shorter, they heal faster, and they get fewer infections to boot.


Immunonutrients and Surgery Recovery


The five immunonutrients that help improve the overall recovery process of surgery patients are as follows: nucleotides, branched chain amino acids, L-glutamine, Arginine, and omega-3 fatty acids. Medical experts within Europe and America are divided about just how effective these immunonutrients really are in aiding with post-surgery recovery, but the proof is in the pudding, and tests have shown that there is a lot of encouraging results to back up these claims.


Anyhow, the fourth item in the above list—Arginine (which is also known as L-Arginine)—is the one most connected with HGH's role in surgery recovery. It's a very beneficial amino acid that's responsible for a lot of very remarkable functions, which includes thymus gland regulation, skin and connective tissue repair, inflammation reduction, and blood vessel dilation. It can be extracted from a diet mostly composed of raisins, soy, whole wheat, rice, and nuts. Arginine can also be taken in supplement form, and it's readily available in most drug or health food stores and through online sources.


Doctor Allan N. Spreen, a physician whose expertise is rooted in nutrition studies, contends that Arginine is one of the most popular stimulants of growth hormone synthesis in the human body. The nutrient's link with HGH lies with the argument that Arginine supplementation is the antithesis of HGH injections supplementation; that is, while HGH injections make the body produce less HGH for obvious reasons (artificially high HGH levels), Arginine instead causes the body to make more naturally created HGH. In fact, a lot of Arginine's benefits can be traced back to its ability to induce all-natural growth hormone synthesis.


The Arginine and HGH Connection


What can be gleaned from Dr. Spreen's expert opinion, then? Well, Arginine is much safer than HGH injections especially considering medical HGH’s many side effects. Growth hormones in general are deemed to act as wonderful anti-aging agents that are best used on people who are making less and less of the rejuvenating substances the more they age.


In the case of older people who are suffering from age-related HGH deficiency or athletes who want to improve their performance level by increasing their HGH levels, natural HGH supplements that stimulate the natural release of HGH might be a safer first step than medical HGH. Besides, a lot of really good HGH supplements like Genf20 Plus and Hypergh 14x even contain arginine in their list of ingredients. However, it's only fair to warn HGH users—especially athletes who have normal-functioning pituitary glands—that the more medical HGH they use, the more susceptible they are to adverse effects that range from disfiguring to fatal.


Evidence of HGH's recuperative abilities date back to the 1960s, when HGH was first tested on patients recovering from surgery or injury wounds; numerous publications and studies on the subject has shown that HGH really does improve immune system performance in roughly the same way immunonutrients like L-arginine does, only this time you're allowed to bypass the pituitary gland's growth hormone synthesis process and go straight to providing your body with increased levels of HGH.


HGH's Surgery Recovery Prowess


Because HGH performs at the cellular level of your body, it helps the healing process on external and internal injuries alike by assisting the immune system in doing a better job at repair and recovery. Moreover, direct HGH treatment has been specifically helpful in situations where healing is crucial yet difficult: skin grafts, trauma injuries, severe burns, and so on.


All the same, it makes perfect sense that if HGH increases muscle mass, rejuvenates organs that have been shrinking or atrophying, and encourages cell growth and repair, then it should be able to assist in speeding up the healing process when it comes to wound and injury healing from surgery or otherwise—and that's exactly the case, side effects from abuse notwithstanding.


HGH's practical applications seem endless, especially in the field of cosmetic surgery and anti-aging procedures. More to the point, suppose you have enough money for HGH supplementation and plastic surgery to get rid of particularly deep wrinkles on your face and neck; you'll probably be using HGH to help you recover from that surgery as well. So HGH can be used in two fronts when it comes to rejuvenating your body and your appearance.


Then again, not everyone has enough money to pay for HGH injections like Humatrope, Saizen, Norditropin and Genotropin let alone plastic surgery and HGH treatment during the recovery process combined. Due to the expensiveness of such anti-aging methods, and the legality questions that linger most doctors are understandably hesitant in prescribing such medications to their not-so-well-off patients. For them, good old healthy living, heavy exercise, and proper diet will have to do, with the added caveat that they won't have to suffer the side effects of unsupervised or excessive HGH use.


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