How to obtain HGH injections legally

As we get older, and the effects of the aging process begin to become harder to ignore, many are turning to hormonal therapy to forestall the physical manifestations of old age.

Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is being used by millions world wide as an anti aging therapy with various levels of success.

HGH has two purposes in the human body. As children, it triggers and controls the growth process, helping to determine how tall we grow and many aspects of our body’s general makeup. It also promotes the formation of various tissues and organ systems.

As we go into our teen years, and our growth slows to a stop, HGH is still on the job. HGH promote the production of muscle tissue, most of which is developed between the ages of 13 and 20. It is also responsible for regulating our metabolism and energy levels, which in part explains the heightened activity levels of teenagers.

As we turn the corner into our twenties, the production of HGH in our bodies begins to slow, and the beneficial effects of this important chemical go with it.

We begin to put on weight, lose energy and muscle mass. Healing takes longer and our endurance and even our sex drive begins to wane.

To counteract these negative effects, many are turning to regular HGH injections to return the body’s HGH levels to where they were when we were young.

But where do you get it?  Is it legal?

It is legal, but does require a prescription. HGH is a very complex chemical and can only be administered by injection. While this can mean regular visits to a doctor or a clinic, self administering kits, similar to the ones used by diabetics for insulin therapy, are readily available.

One obvious place to start is your family doctor. Dosages used in HGH therapy, as with any hormonal treatment, varies from person to person and depends on a number of factors regarding your current health and medical history. Your regular physician will have the information about you that can help you make the correct dosage.

The next step is to get a blood test which will help to determine the current levels of HGH in your system. Your body is most likely still manufacturing HGH, just not as much of it as it did when you were young.

Once a base line is established, you will be able to get a prescription for HGH that can be used on a daily basis.

Since HGH therapy is well established, there are a number of clinics and medical centers that can help you through this process if you don’t have access to a physician who can prescribe this therapy for you. Many are available for consultation on line and do not require an actual visit to get a prescription.

Naturally, you will need to answer some questions about your current health and history, which will be used to determine if you can benefit from HGH therapy. The online supplier will also make arrangements for some physical tests to be done by a local facility that will allow their doctors to prescribe the proper dosage.

Since your health is on the line with any medical procedure, it is important that you answer all health related questions honestly and completely. This will help insure that the dosage and formulation that you receive will be able to produce optimal results with little or no side effects.

It is always important that you disclose any other drugs or medications that you might be using along with your HGH therapy, as the risk of drug interaction is always to be considered.

Whether you get your HGH from your family doctor or an online specialist, there are a number of legal and reputable sources for HGH therapy out there. The choice is up to you.

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