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What Is The Allowed Age Gap Between A Man And A Woman?

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I s She Too Young For You?

The look of the "average couple" has changed over the years, and standards have loosened in many ways. Yet there is still a certain stigma attached to a man dating a woman who is much younger than he is. In a society in which divorce is as common as marriage, many of us have found ourselves dating again in later years, and this has led to a variety of age combinations. So how does a man know if the woman he is dating is just too young for him? That answer can only be derived by the man and the woman he is dating.

Is She After His Money?

An age old idea is that a younger woman who is dating an older man is only after his money. This came at a time when women were typically dependent on a man to take care of her; things have changed and many women now are educated and have their own careers and their own money. Even if he is filthy rich, the idea that she is making a choice to commit to someone simply for his money is less likely. Of course, it is not out of the question, but usually if this is the case, deep down, the man in the relationship knows and is choosing to accept it. The legal system gives him plenty of tools with which to protect himself, like prenuptial agreements to protect his assets in case of divorce and the ability to create and change a will to make sure his children are cared for as well as she is.

How Young is Too Young?

Of course, there are laws to protect minors from being taken advantage of, and it is the moral obligation of all men to respect those laws. If he is considering a woman who is a legal adult, then the answer to this becomes a little grayer. A formula exists that states that a woman is too young if she is 2/3 the man's age minus 6. So if he is 51, she should be no younger than 28. This formula does give you a large window to work with. However, if you are a man of 51 years, and you fall in love with a woman who is 26 years old, and she loves you too, there is no real law or rule that states you should not be together.

This formula is actually not as random as it may seem. It is based on the difference between the life expectancies of women and men (Women still tend to outlive men so there are more women in older age than men and less men to choose from) and the fact that men are able to father babies long after women lose their fertility. For these two reasons alone, the idea of older men dating younger women makes more sense than it does at first glance.

Will a Marriage Like this Last?

The question is not whether or not the relationship will last; it is whether there is more reason for it to fall apart than for any other relationship to end. Over 40% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, regardless of the ages of the individuals involved. With this statistic, what ground is there for dooming a relationship simply based on the age difference? There are no statistics to support the theory that a marriage of an older man to a younger woman is more likely than other relationships to end in divorce. The same premise holds true with these relationships as for any other marriages; if the marriage is built on love and respect, and if the two individuals have something in common that creates a bond. On the other hand, if the relationship is built solely on a lust for a younger woman, or for an older man’s money and assets, obviously the relationship is doomed from the beginning.

Are there Benefits to a Relationship to a Younger Woman?

There are advantages for men to date younger woman, and not just having the privilege to go to social events with a beautiful woman on your arm. Having a younger woman in your life may encourage you to take better care of yourself and remain more active than you would alone or with a woman your own age. A woman who is 10 or 20 years younger than you are will likely have the energy and the ambition to travel, go out in the evenings, and take part in sports and other activities. You may find yourself doing things at 50 and 60 years old that you did not know you had the energy to do, and it will help keep you feeling young and vibrant.

Because you will want to take part in these activities with the woman in your life, you will want to maintain your health and vitality (another advantage to dating someone much younger than yourself). Remember that as we grow older, we must be careful of what we eat even more than we did when we were young. A balanced diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and high in fiber, is advised to keep you feeling your best and looking your best as well. You may want to consider adding a daily supplement to your diet as well to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients your body needs to function properly.

Of course the other component to looking and feeling your best is exercise. A younger woman in your life will give you the incentive to go out and walk, jog, shoot some hoops, or join a gym. All of this will be occurring at a time when you may otherwise be deciding to slow down and spend a little extra time in front of the television. A younger woman in your life can be a wonderful thing, provided she is in your life because you care about her and not because you want to be seen with her. If the woman you love is substantially younger than you are, and your relationship is solid, look away when you get stares or funny looks, and enjoy your life!


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