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What Are The Ingredients In Lifecell Anti Aging Cream?

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LifeCell Ingredients Analysis

By now, just about anyone with an internet connection has heard of LifeCell: the popular skin cream by South Beach Skin Care. LifeCell has endorsements from doctors and celebrities, and makes amazing anti-aging claims. The makers of LifeCell as well as hundreds (if not thousands or more) of satisfied users claim that LifeCell can replace many of the skin care products you use every day, greatly simplifying your beauty routine. In fact, LifeCell will also save you money if you replace all of your skin creams, lip plumpers, and foundations with it. Lifecell

The problem with products like this is that it's hard to validate claims that are made on the internet. It's all too easy to post hundreds of "testimonials" but, other than the famous celebrities, how can you know whether "Dan from Vermont" is a real user of the product, or even a real person?

Well, we've decided to take a look at the long ingredients list of LifeCell cream in order to find out if this product even has a chance of doing what it says it does.
The first ingredient in LifeCell is water. This should be self-explanatory. The right amount of water helps achieve a creamy consistency and provides moisture as long as it is "locked in" by another moisturizing agent.

Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides

Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides are oily fatty acids found in many cosmetic products such as lipstick, eye shadow, moisturizers, and just about every other cosmetic you can think of. They are derived from coconut oil and glycerin, and are recognized as safe as a direct food additive by the FDA. This means that this ingredient would be safe even if you ate it (although we don't recommend eating cosmetics, obviously!) The reason that LifeCell uses Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides is that they form a barrier on skin to prevent moisture loss and slow down dryness, which contributes to signs of aging.


Ethoxydiglycol, even though it looks intimidating to pronounce, has been pronounced safe by the FDA for use in cosmetics (in fact it is safe as an indirect food additive), and is another ingredient commonly found in many different make-up and skin care products. Ethoxydiglycol is used in LifeCell primarily as a solvent--that is, it helps the other ingredients mix together properly, and adds to the proper consistency of the final product.

Stearyl Alcohol

Stearyl Alcohol is another ingredient that is commonly used in a range of personal care products from hair conditioner to skin care creams. It has also been approved by the FDA as an indirect food additive and for use in cosmetics. Stearyl alcohol gives a smooth, soft appearance when added to products that are applied to the skin; one of the reasons that it is used in LifeCell.

Stearic Acid, Peg-100 Stearate, Peg-40 Stearate

Stearic Acid is another common cosmetic ingredient approved by the FDA as a direct food additive. It is common in plant and animal fats, and can by synthesized in the human body. This ingredient acts mainly as an emulsifier in LifeCell skin care cream, which means it helps keep other ingredients from separating. Stearic acid can also help pores appear smaller by pulling the dirt out of them, and other ingredients in LifeCell, Peg-100 Stearate and Peg-40 Stearate, work the same way.

Glyceryl Stearate, Diisopropyl Dimer Dilinoleate

Glyceryl Stearate is another common cosmetic ingredient recognized as safe by the FDA which is used to create a smooth, soft appearance when applied to skin. It also helps to form a barrier against the loss of moisture. Diisopropyl Dimer Dilinoleate works the same way, and has been judged safe for use in cosmetics by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel.

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate has a number of functions in LifeCell cream. It acts as one of the "camouflaging" ingredients that helps LifeCell work immediately to hide signs of aging, it prevents the cream from settling into creases and fine lines (which draws more attention to signs of aging) and it also helps the other ingredients to spread smoothly over the skin. This ingredient has also been judged as safe for cosmetic use by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel.


Oxioreductase is an antioxidant commonly used in antiaging creams such as LifeCell because it prevents free radical damage and contributes to a protective barrier for the skin. (definition found at cosmeticscop.com in their cosmetic ingredient dictionary)

Soy Peptides

Soy peptides are used in LifeCell Skin care cream as emulsifiers and for soy's natural skin nourishing and protection properties.


This ingredient helps to give LifeCell a silky feel, and helps the cream deliver its potent ingredients to your skin. Cyclomethicone is a silicone that does not penetrate the skin and evaporates after it has "delivered" the antiaging ingredients. (information found at about.com)

Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Extract

This ingredient is recognized as safe for use in food by the FDA, and is used in cosmetics to condition the skin.


Scientific studies (see: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15675889) have shown that Deanol provides a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, plumps and shapes lips, and can firm the neck when applied to the skin in a gel form. These benefits continued even after application of Deanol was stopped. Deanol has been found to dramatically reverse signs of aging.

Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid

This ingredient is frequently added to cosmetics in order to adjust the pH of a product and ensure that it is non-irritating.

Copper Gluconate, Zinc Gluconate

Copper Gluconate and Zinc Gluconate are two more skin conditioning agents found in LifeCell. LifeCell cream combines many different skin conditioners for maximum effect. Copper and Zinc Gluconate are direct food agents recognized as safe by the FDA.

Magnesium Aspartate

Magnesium Aspartate is a substance that can be produced in the human body, and is thought to help transport key nutrients and minerals to skin cells. As a result, it is included in several skin care creams, including LifeCell. (Information found at LiveStrong.com)

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3

This peptide is currently being used in many different famous name brand skin care and makeup lines, because it has to ability to relax wrinkles. Using products containing this peptide on a regular basis can result in dramatic improvements in facial folds and lines. (Information found at www.cosmeticsandtoiletries.com)


Coenzyme-Q-10 naturally occurs in the human body, but levels diminish as we age. This is a powerful antioxidant that prevents free radicals from damaging the structure of skin’s collagen and elastin. This can help prevent lines, wrinkles, and sagging on the face, and help prevent cellulite on other areas of the body. (Information found at LiveStrong.com)

Ascorbyl Palmitate

This compound is made from vitamin C and fatty acids found in animal and vegetable fats. It is frequently used in skin care products like LifeCell as an antioxidant.

Fumed Silica

In cosmetics, fumed silica is often used as a mattifying agent to prevent shine on the face. (Information from www.aerosil.com)

Silicon Dioxide

This ingredient prevents caking, absorbs oil to prevent shine, and is part of the “veil” that covers imperfections on the face when LifeCell is used. This ingredient is often found in mineral makeup, and is a key ingredient in LifeCell’s instant camouflage effect. (Information found at www.essence-of-mineral-makeup.com)


BHA is another powerful antioxidant found in many cosmetic products, as well as in LifeCell cream.

Citric Acid

Citric Acid is naturally found in citrus fruits and is used as a natural preservative, as well as to adjust the pH balance of cosmetics to make them gentler on the skin.


Phenoxyethanol is used in cosmetic products to prevent bacteria from growing.

Caprylyl Glycol

Caprylyl Glycol is a skin conditioning agent that also has antimicrobial activity (kills bacteria.)

Although LifeCell cream does have an extensive list of ingredients, independent research does show that all of them contribute to the effects promoted by South Beach Skin Care and experienced by users. LifeCell really is an all-in-one product, as anyone can see by reading the list of ingredients!

*(Unless otherwise noted, information regarding cosmetic ingredients, their status of approval by the FDA, and what they are commonly used for was found at cosmeticsinfo.org.)

Lifecell Skin official Website



















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