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How To Use Makeup To Hide Wrinkles, Age Spots And Puffy Eyes!

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Prevent, Fight, and Cover Up Signs of Aging

Cosmetic counters and cases are filled with "anti aging" products design to prevent, fight, or cover up the signs of aging. In order to make the best decisions for your own skin, you must first be aware of two things: where are your problem areas, and what ingredients offer the best solutions for these problems? Once you know the answers to these two questions, you are able to make an informed decision on what products to purchase and how best to use them.

Creams and Lotions

Lifecell skin Your skin has different needs at different ages. Even if you are in your mid 20’s and have no concerns whatsoever regarding aging lines and wrinkles, it is not too early to think about prevention. The right products now will slow the development of these unwanted signs of aging, making skin care much easier in the future. During this stage, you should definitely be using a sun screen every day. This may be used under your makeup in the form of a moisturizer or could be part of the foundation you choose to wear. Be sure to use a moisturizer every day, and it is also time to start using a cream specifically for the skin around the eyes. Even if you see no reason to use these products now, you will be glad you did ten years and more into the future.

Continue using these products as you move through your 30s, and add an anti aging firming cream like Lifecell. This can be added to your foundation or used alone, and it gives your skin lift and tightens sagging areas. Be sure to use an exfoliator at least twice a week as well; believe it or not, the weight of dead skin cells can drag down your skin, causing a loss of elasticity and an increase in wrinkles.

When you reach your 40s, it is time to add a night cream that will work to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles that occur despite your best efforts, although if you have kept to a regime up to now, these will be far less dramatic than if you have not. Choose a night cream that is not too heavy, and is made for the purpose of firming and plumping the skin to reduce wrinkles. You may also wish to switch from the eye cream you have been using to an anti aging eye cream with vitamins and peptides that will fill in wrinkles and lighten the skin around your eyes. This, of course, is in addition to the moisturizer, sun screen, and exfoliators you are already using.

Foundation and Concealer

Foundation While skin care is an important step in preventing and reducing the signs of aging, the makeup you choose is the rest of the puzzle. As you grow older, you may notice circles developing under your eyes, which make you appear tired or gaunt. You may also begin to see blemishes or areas of pigmentation caused by years of exposure to sun, wind, and other elements. An effective concealer will have a yellow undertone and will be a shade lighter than your foundation. Dab it on the areas you wish to disguise, although not necessarily on wrinkles or lines. Apply your foundation over it and blend.

If you are seeing a change in your skin as you grow older and wish to regain a more youthful appearance, switch to a foundation that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. This will brighten your appearance and distract the eye from laugh lines or wrinkles around the mouth. Remember that heavier makeup will always make you look older, so be careful not to pile on the makeup in an attempt to cover every line and blemish. Some foundations are made with ingredients like proteins and vitamins that work against signs of aging, and some contain sun screen as well.

Blush, Eyes, and Lips

Choose your blush much like you choose your foundation. Think light in weight and in shade. Mineral makeup choices are excellent because they go on in a light dusting, and are easily plumped up and awakened through the day if necessary. Browns and pinks are great choices; avoid corals and oranges, as these shades will make most women look drawn and tired. Lipstick

The eyes should be an area of focus because they are the first place most people look when the look at your face. You have hopefully been following a skin care regime that pays extra attention to the thin, fragile skin around your eyes. This will have made a difference in the sagging at the corners and the wrinkles, lines and puffiness that tend to develop as we grow older. Now, when you apply makeup, go light on the eye liner; dark, heavy eyeliner will add years to your look. When choosing an eye shadow shade, you will find that golds are great for a natural look, and the dark smoky look is another option, especially for an evening look.

Using an eyelash curler just out of the shower will deemphasize the sparseness that comes with age, and mascara applied at the roots of the lashes, followed by a coat over the entire lashes, will complete the look. Be sure to fill in your brows with an appropriate shade of brow liner or a touch of eye shadow. Don’t go darker than your complexion will allow, but fuller brows are a youthful feature.

As we grow older, our lips become thinner. Dark shades of lipstick and bright reds will only serve to emphasize this. Lighter, more natural shades, like browns or peaches, with a slightly glossy finish will give you a pretty, youthful look. Be sure that your eye pencil matches the shade of your lipstick.

In Summary

Makeup is a great tool for covering and disguising signs of aging, but more is not necessarily better. Be sure to use products that are lightweight and natural in tone. Add a little color on your eyelids or your lips, but do not overwhelm your look with dark, dramatic shades.



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