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Simple Weight Loss Tips Anyone Can Implement!

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Types Weight Loss

The reduction in body mass due to fluid loss, lean mass like the mineral deposits in the bone, loss of lean mass in tendons, muscles and connective tissue, all culminate in the total weight loss of a person. Weight loss can occur either intentionally or unintentionally. Unintentional weight loss can occur when a person suffers from health problems like insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism or infections like HIV or cancer. Dehydration caused by diuretics can also lead to weight loss. Lean Salad

Different Ways To Achieve Weight Loss

Weight loss can be achieved by dietary modification and lifestyle modifications. Substituting high caloric foods like whole white bread, fruit juices, pasta, potatoes and other starch rich foods with whole wheat bread, brown rice and fiber rich foods like beans, cabbage, green leafy vegetables, roughage containing apples, legumes etc can help in natural weight loss. Drugs that reduce appetite, stomach size and fat absorption can cause the body to easily get satisfied with less food intake. Liposuction can be considered as an extreme option to cut out the excess mass of fat. Bariatric surgery reduces stomach size, is also kept as a last option. A less traumatic procedure is virtual gastric band which utilizes hypnosis therapy. With hypnosis, the stomach is made to believe that it is fully satisfied by giving specific suggestions the brain. As a result the brain is made to think that the stomach is very small and thus less food is needed to fill it up.

Foods That Can Influence Weight Problems

Skipping breakfast, eating just before going to bed, excess snacks while watching TV, sedentary life style can cause obesity. Thus including more leafy vegetables, substituting honey for sugar, substituting fruits like banana, plums, oranges, apples for candies and chocolates can be beneficial in weight loss. No food group must be excluded from the regular food plan as one food complements the other in its benefits. One needs to include more polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega-3-fatty acids to reduce cholesterol levels. Enough fiber intakes must be watched out to prevent constipation. The amount of food intake during summer must be less and fish must be taken to replace the red meat.

What To Avoid And What Not To Avoid If You Want To Escape Obesity

Excess alcohol intake increases appetite which leads to more calorific intake on top of the empty calories that alcohol contains. Using virgin olive oil in salads instead of fatty dressings should be considered. Excess stress can lead to obesity and diabetes thus practicing breathing exercises and engaging in relaxing activities is a must. Regular exercise is highly essential as exercise improves cardiovascular health and increases the good cholesterol or high density lipoprotein. Fried starchy foods like potato, tapioca, yams can be replaced with grilled vegetables as doing this reduces quit a bit of calories. When going out, small meals should be ordered instead and the unlimited buffets should be avoided like the plague. Healthy foods that can be quickly prepared at home include frozen vegetables, low fat cheeses and brown rice.

Fighting Obesity Through Simple Dieting

You must not plan a diet which is so strict that makes one's crave. There is a need to have small meals occasionally as insulin levels will rise sharply if too much food is taken at a single time. We can include more spices in the food. Snacks after dinner must be avoided. Food must be taken at proper intervals, almost at the same time each day.


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