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Easy Tips To Reduce Belly Fat And Get A Lean Sexy Stomach!

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How To Reduce Belly Fat?

I was recently approached by a coworker who has been working for a couple of years to lose his “spare tire” with no success. I don’t blame him for being frustrated because he has been avidly and tirelessly following all of the traditional wisdom about ridding yourself of belly fat, but has had no real success. The answer is a two pronged one, and both prongs will require your utmost attention if you are going to win your fight over belly fat. obesity

First, you must pay special attention to two very important factors: diet and exercise. This, I’m sure, comes as no surprise; however, exactly what you need to do regarding these is very specific.

Remove grain based carbohydrates from your diet. This is imperative. Replace your morning cereal with a piece of fruit, and skip the roll with your dinner. Even high fiber grains are best replaced with fiber rich fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Plan your meals to include lean proteins like chicken breasts and salmon fillets, along with vegetables that are high in fiber. Snacks between meals can include fruit and nuts. If this is just too strict for you, you can treat yourself to one meal each week in which you stray from this regime, but any more than that will sabotage your ability to meet your objectives. Realistically, you cannot diminish your love handles by dining daily on burgers and milk shakes.

Your exercise routine, also, will probably need to be switched up. The mistake most men make is to focus too heavily on cardio workouts and are neglectful of weight training or interval training. You can lose weight with diet and exercise, but if you do not build up muscle in the process, your belly will still display that ugly ring around your middle.

Another mistake that is common among men who are striving to decrease belly fat is the focus on their traditional abs workouts. Crunches, sit ups, twists, and other similar exercise will really not give you any results at all, and you are truly wasting your time every time you do them. Spend your time on overall strength training, focusing on your deltoids and laterals, Pecs and traps. This way, even as you are working to get rid of your belly fat, these muscles are balancing your body and helping disguise the problem in the short run.

Your interval training should look something like this:

Start with a solid warm up. Then treat your body to 20 seconds of hard exercise and 40 seconds of recovery. Repeat this about 8 times, and follow with a cool down. Do this workout three times each week, being sure to include one lower body exercise, one total abdominal exercise, one upper body pulling and one upper body push, and one lower single leg exercise. It is important to build muscle; otherwise, as you lose weight, your thinner form will only serve to emphasize your belly fat.

While this exercise is very important, even vital, to your ability to rid yourself of your “love handles,” your diet is even more important. Building muscle without reducing fat will not give you the lean look you desire. Not only will the right balance of fiber and lean proteins help you lose weight, but they will also give your muscles the fuel they need to build.



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