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Should HGH Be used To Speed Up And Maximize Recovery After Surgery?

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Surgery EquipmentIn order for the Human Growth Hormone—which is being promoted these days as a panacea that can cure any and all ailments known to man—to be effective in the surgery recovery front, it must first prove its mettle in the healing and rehabilitation category. In that regard, there have been numerous promising reports, particularly of sports injury rehabilitation.

It's a fact that HGH is presently being marketed as a medicine used for performance enhancement in sports, which some experts find highly questionable. Nevertheless, because of all the endorsements and hype HGH has gotten from athletes and celebrities alike, a lot of people have joined the HGH bandwagon when it comes to the drug's body building and all-around total fitness benefits.

Ergo, the newest claim connected to HGH—that is, its supposed ability to help surgery recovery and improve immune system performance—isn't all that surprising because of its supposed link to athletic improvement. Then again, studies have demonstrated that HGH does have an influence on the faster healing of bone fractures and an effect on bone tissue in general.

The dilemma that's being faced here is that there are presently no concrete clinical tests in regards to long-term effectiveness or potential side effects when using HGH instead of immunonutrients in helping patients heal their injuries or rehabilitate themselves after recent surgery. Moreover, the athletes and body builders who swear that taking HGH can help improve their overall athletic performance and recuperation abilities simultaneously have no conclusive studies to concretely back up their claims.

Yes, the drug does have influence in regards to tissue regeneration on bones, muscle building to prevent AIDS-induced muscle atrophying, and the recovery process in general, but until further tests are conducted on the extent of this influence and the assertions that performance really does improve alongside one's healing abilities, then it's nothing more than speculation.

Even though it's inconclusive whether or not HGH really does provide better athletic ability, the actual tests that have been conducted in regards to its surgery recovery benefits shows a lot of promise. For example, HGH has been proven to aid in the growth and development to those who lack this naturally occurring hormone—namely, HGH-deficient children and the elderly whose HGH levels have begun to drop. HGH can be an anti-aging miracle for aging adults whose own HGH supplies have started to dwindle.

What's more, studies have also shown that HGH is potentially beneficial on either internal or external injuries, which is a particular boon to those who've just undergone major surgery or even plastic surgery. Also, because of the link HGH has with the immunonutrient L-arginine and recuperation (arginine is a nutrient that promotes the synthesis of natural HGH, while HGH eliminates the middle man and is directly injected into a patient's system), doctors are presently looking into using HGH to help heal the following conditions and situations: third-degree burns, traumatic wounds, skin graft operations, and much more.

In conclusion, HGH hasn't been proven to enhance athletic performance or produce near-miraculous healing on patients. In fact, too much HGH in your body when it doesn't need it (i.e., you have the body of a perfectly healthy person with a normal-functioning pituitary gland) can cause deforming to grievous side effects like acromegaly and hypertension. As such, you must always consult your pharmacist or healthcare physician first before taking this drug, because a well-informed course of action is the best way to go about HGH treatment.


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