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Workout Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

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The Most Common Workout Mistakes Men Make

Guys generally have an easier time getting into shape than women do. But if you are being honest, there are some common mistakes men make at the gym even if they have an easier time in general. Recent research carried out by experts in the fitness industry found men commonly made the following workout mistakes.

  1. You listen to incorrect advice – If you want to get true results, you need to work with real professionals. It’s common for men to listen to incorrect advice that is provided by colleagues, friends and even trainers. As a result, you don’t get the results you want.
  2. You do too much too soon – The most common challenge men face in weight loss is they are under a great deal of trouble to be tough – after all men are macho. That means they often push too hard, go too fast and go too strong, which leads to injuries or burn out. Instead, opt for a steady, consistent pace and you’ll enjoy steady improvement and results that last long term.
  3. You rely on cardio – A common mistake is to turn to fat burning cardio workouts to lose weight and slim down. But when you burn muscles, it turns you into a fat burning machine, a better alternative to doing too much cardio too soon. Cardio is necessary, but save it for when you need it. Start with 1 or 2 cardio sessions, which leaves you room to add more cardio once you have lost the weight you desire.
  4. You don’t do the functional assessment – Good trainers like to perform functional assessments and then create a program around functional training exercises. This lets you identify your weaknesses or range of motion limitations that could affect how you perform in the gym and prevent you from efficient weight loss. So make sure you get your functional assessment done.
  5. You do not do compound exercises – Do not train just one muscle group at a time. Instead, do compound strength exercise where you exercise a number of muscle groups that work together to build your strength. Compound exercises are a far more effective way of training your body.
  6. You do too much steady cardio – When you do moderate aerobic activity, it is good for your heart, but if you want to lose weight, you need to work at different intensity levels that include high intensity. Too often men spend too much time in the ‘heart rate zones.’ Instead, mix it up.
  7. You neglect nutrition – It’s a common mistake made by men (and women) that if you want to lose weight you do high volume training and reduce what you eat. Actually good nutrition and working out go hand in hand if you want to enjoy a lean body.
  8. You emphasize quantity over quality – You can’t assume because you put the time in on your workout that you will be guaranteed weight loss. Exercising needs to be made up of quality time. What will ensure you enjoy results it learning how to effectively use your workout time – you need to train smart, train hard (intensity) and train progressively.
  9. You rely on supplements – Protein powders and pills are popular and while they can be helpful, they are not always the quickest way to achieve weight loss. They can be helpful with weight loss, but if you are using them rather than eating solid foods, it’s not beneficial. One of the supplements that can be beneficial and this is often overlooked is an HGH supplement that can help to reduce body fat and increase lean muscles.

If you even make just a couple of these errors, you can find yourself having difficulty losing weight. This is a great guide to make sure you are on the right track.


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