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By ankara17
#28758 Hey i'm almost 18 and I need to get bigger. i'm real sick of being scrawny and i want to be able to get girls to like me when i go to college. i have a question tho: i live in canada where cops dont bust u if u just smoke weed for personal use and dont sell it. i heard that smoking lots of weed speeds up ur metabolism and makes it hard to gain even if u work out a lot. is this tru? Do i need to stop smoking weed if i want to get huge?

By nextbigthing
#28901 Well, you're damaging your lungs, that's for sure. And I've read that weed can hurt your fertility, too. (I know you're probably not thinking about kids at 18, but trust me, down the road you might hate yourself if you find out that you can't give little ones to the woman of your dreams.)
As to the metabolism thing, I don't know. but you're probably better off quitting, or at least severely cutting back.
By aaron
#68152 Smoking marijuana has no effect on weight gain or loss, you will be able to gain muscle while still smoking, but it isn't going to help you with your endurance.