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HGH Injections Versus Natural HGH Supplements

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Arguments For And Against Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Injections

 HGH injections are the most effective way (prescription is needed) of increasing Human Growth Hormone levels and to start to see immediate results; this however comes at a very high cost. The cost is due to its pricing and  inconvenience; at over 30 dollars per shot one to four times per day it is definitely not for everyone. Still, for those who can afford HGH injections, they are  an efficient and sure way to gain the benefits of HGH. To those who choose this option it is recommended to check with your doctor first, then only buy HGH from respected providers that not only guarantee the quality of the HGH injections, but also would have a medical support staff that can answer any question that may arise. Man getting An hgh injection

Be aware! most HGH side effects such as carpal tunnel syndrome, gigantism, insulin resistance and water retention are mostly related to dosage and quality so it is imperative to get the product from a certified organization with physicians that can accurately prescribe the right dosage and the right hgh brand that is most suited to your needs. Taking the right dosage is very important; taking little would be like throwing your money away taking too much could cause serious side effects. Most importantly, some people should never take prescription hgh to start with, and that is why getting a prescription from a well versed doctor (endocrinologist) on human growth hormone is imperative.

The interesting thing about the side effects from HGH is that sometimes they are contradictory for instance in some cases human growth hormone can cause Insulin resistance in other words diabetes, but in other cases it actually gets rid of diabetes. In short, the most important thing to know is that there is always a potential for negative side effects and only a qualified doctor preferably someone who has experience prescribing medical HGH should do so. As using Somatropin for bodybuilding is becoming very popular, trying to buy HGH injections online has become even more difficult as there are less online suppliers now of prescription HGH than those of other pharmaceuticals due to the recent crackdown by the feds. Many pharmacies claim to carry the prescription Somatropin- HGH but actually only use this tactic to lure in customers to try to sell them something else.  Also, it is very important to deal only with reputable HGH suppliers to avoid counterfeits such as is the case with Jintropin the Chinese brand. For more on injectable HGH legalities read more on HGH Laws and Regulations!

NB: only a physician can determine an HGH best dosage.  If you don't have a doctor to consult with we recommend finding one preferably an endocrinologist as HGH injections can be severe in some cases.  If you decide not to invest in hgh injections, we recommend that you consider trying an HGH supplement that comes with a 100% money back guarantee. To Buy oral human growth hormone click here!

Beware! the federal government is working over time to bust anyone involved with prescribing, using, selling and even recommending HGH injections. There has been many instances where people paid for HGH online but received counterfeit Somatropin; most of the time it was a harmless substances but in few cases people who used online HGH injections suffered severe side effects. Once again if you can't get a prescription don't risk your health and your freedom especially when there are good alternatives.  For a list and review of the most reputable HGH supplements such as  Sytropin HGH Energizer,  Genf20, HGH Advanced, Provacyl, Rejuvenate2000 and Genfx go to legal HGH!

Partial Video On The Legal And Appropriate Use Of HGH As Per The FDA


  Generic hgh injection somatropin Generic Somatropin
Using Generic Somatropin can save you a lot of money. most importantly, this is a human growth hormone product that is manufactured in an FDA approved lab. this would be the safest bet for those who don't want to pay for a name brand but still want the same quality that a name brand guarantees.
  hgh injection norditropin Norditropin
Norditropin is a name brand HGH Injection product highly regarded for its quality. Norditropin emphasizes the easiness of its use as the product is already premixed in a nice looking pen that only requires the dialing of the dosage to inject.
  genotropin HGH Injection Genotropin
 GENOTROPIN is a brand name HGH Injection product that is supplied in a two-chamber cartridge, with the lyophilized powder in the front chamber and a diluent in the rear chamber. 
  hgh injection saizen Saizen
Saizen human growth hormone is also a brand name Somatropin. To inject Saizen one must mix the hormone and the diluent first, then an injection can be made with a syringe.

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