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All about Anti-Aging and Life Extension

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What is Anti Aging?

hour glassAnti Aging also known as life extension refers to the many attempts exerted for slowing down or completely reversing the aging process. Its aim is to extend the average and the maximum lifespan of the person using it. It is also referred to as experimental gerontology, anti aging medicine and biomedical gerontology. Scientists in this particular field of science are called longevists or life extensionists. According to their statements, what initially made them interested for conducting research regarding life extension is their desire to live longer themselves.

The results of their anti aging scientific research led them to believe that certain breakthroughs in the field of tissue rejuvenation can help in allowing human beings to have indefinite life spans. They are able to achieve this by altering stem cells, repairing molecules, and replacing the individual's organs. Some results have indicated that organ replacement with the use of artificial organs, also referred to as xenotransplantations help bring back the person’s youthful condition.

Selling Anti Aging products

In the United States, alone, the market has generated billions of dollars of revenue from anti-aging products and treatment modalities. There are different kinds of anti aging treatments that people can avail, namely, the appropriate and consistent use of anti aging skin care products, replacements of certain hormones, physical fitness, nutritional support, and the taking of certain recognized anti-aging herbs, supplements and vitamins. According to expert economists, this particular industry has become absolutely lucrative.

Raised Questions On Anti Aging

Some experts in the medical field have released statements saying that the use of anti aging products, regardless of how consistent, will not have any effect on the aging process. In fact, a lot of the claims made by manufacturers and creators of anti aging products have been criticized and proven false by different medical experts, such as the medical professionals from the world renowned American Medical Association.  Bioethicists also question the statements being said about extending the human lifespan, since they strongly believe that such phenomenon is not even close to possible.

Aging and the human lifespan

Aging is actually brought about by the natural damage that is done or acquired by the body’s organs, tissues, macromolecules and cells. The natural wear and tear pattern of the body contributes to the effects of aging. Normally, what is believed to be the maximum lifespan of human beings is in excess of one hundred and twenty years. On the other hand, the lifespan of mice has been scientifically proven to be around four years only. The lifespan of mice is important in this context because mice are ones used as models for the research on anti aging. The genetic differences that are present between mice and human beings may account for any difference noticed in the aging rates. Examples of such factors would be type or the quantities of enzymes that are primarily antioxidant, the efficiency of DNA repair, and the various rates of production of free radicals.

What lowers the lifespan?

The usual causes of the reduction in the average human lifespan are child and infant mortalities. Such mortalities are usually caused by infectious or contagious diseases and nutrition-related medical issues. As they grow older, they are much more vulnerable to different kinds of accidents and age-related medical afflictions such as cardiovascular disease or cancer.

Extending the lifespan

People can do what they can to try extending their lifespan by committing themselves to a good and healthy anti aging diet. They can also perform different exercises that make their breathing and their muscles stronger. Aside from that, they can also take anti aging products such as HGH and Resveratrol and make sure that they are not practicing any risky lifestyle, such as smoking.

According to scientists, the maximum lifespan can be determined by figuring out the rate of aging for a particular species primarily due to the genes and other environmental factors. Some theories indicate that lifespan of human beings can be extended if the rate of the aging damage is reduced. This can be done by replacing tissues that have already been damaged periodically. It can also be achieved through the repair of the molecules or the rejuvenation of the deteriorated tissues and cells.

Healthy diets and Anti Aging supplements

The majority of the field of life extension and anti aging is concerned with the use of nutrition, through healthy diets and the taking of certain supplements. The two diets that are being popularly implemented for anti aging purposes are the Caloric Restriction diet and the Paleolithic Diet.

Antioxidant supplements like lipoic acid, vitamin C, and N-acetylcysteine are believed to have the capabilities of extending the human lifespan, based on the free radical theory of aging. The other substances that have been tested to have some anti-aging effects are human chorionic gonadotropin or more popularly known as HCG, oxytocin, erythropoietin or EPO, and insulin.

The field of Anti Aging cosmetics

Today, there are different kinds of cosmetic modalities for skin treatment. Examples of such are Argireline products, Botox injections, skin resurfacing, and plastic surgeries. Such cosmetic procedures are being performed worldwide to hide or battle the effects that are caused by the aging process. However, no scientific findings can finalize any effects they have on anti aging.

Hormone treatments and Anti Aging

There are also various therapies that are being done with the use of hormones. The majority of such treatment methods have been strongly criticized by the American Medical Association. They say that such therapies have a lot of potential side effects to the health of the patients to rationalize any desired effects.

Proposed Anti Aging strategies

A trans-humanist and futurist, Raymond Kurzweil, strongly believes that the use of advanced medical nanorobotics can completely cure aging by the year 2030. According to him, when this aforementioned year arrives, life extension may be possible if people are consistent with their anti-aging regimens.

Body part replacements and cloning For Anti Aging

According to some longevists, stem cell research and therapeutic cloning can pave the way to generating new body parts, cells, and maybe even bodies as termed as reproductive cloning. At present, such researches are being done all over the United States of America, predominantly done on animals, specifically dogs and mice. In fact, the Department of Defense of America has already initiated a program in order to figure out if human body parts can possibly grow on mice. Still, no complex biological structures like mammalian limbs and joints have been made.

Anti Aging Controversies

Medical experts have released their statements that the use of human stem cells, specifically in their embryo form, is highly controversial. Majority of these objections are based on the interpretations of religious leaders or existing ethical considerations. Furthermore, the controversies regarding cloning are quite similar primarily because many countries abroad are very much opposed to reproductive cloning.

Field of cryonics

Cryonicists are advocates of cryopreservation. They believe that storing the human body at relatively low temperatures after death can give the individual a pathway to the future, when much more advanced medical technologies and equipment will become available. Such medical supplies could then prolong further resuscitation and repair of any damaged part of the body.

Moreover, such field of science is believed by some to have the ability to rejuvenate those who have aged or repair any damage to the body. These results are garnered because of the cryogenic temperatures that are set for minimizing any changes on the body's biological tissue for decades, or even more.

Death is not "death".

Strong believers of cryonics say that when doctors announce someone's death, that does not immediately mean that that particular person is truly dead. According to them, this is because the cessations of the heartbeat and breathing patterns, which are the criteria for the announcement of death, actually happen before the biological death of the body’s cells and tissues.

They say that the rapid cooling of the body can actually contribute to life extension as it has the ability to preserve the person's tissues and cells. The anti-aging effects that are resulting from such venture are caused by the cryogenic temperatures. In fact, some children have survived up to one hour without their heartbeat after they were fully submerged in icy water. And in one case, the patient fully recovered after being submerged in the cold water for as long as forty-five minutes.

Modifying genes And Anti Aging

Gene therapy is done by inserting artificial genes into a particular organism for the purpose of replacing the deficient genes. According to scientists, this can be an effective strategy for preventing the natural course of aging.

American Aging Association

It was in the year 1970 that the American Aging Association was established. It was founded under the impulsion of Denham Harman, who also happens to be the originator of the free radical theory of aging. He formed this organization primarily because of his desire to form one with biogerontologists for members, each of which wholly devoted to the research and sharing of any information regarding life extension.

Life extension/Anti Aging revolution

Saul Kent is the one who published the book The Life Extension Revolution back in the year 1980. Aside from that he also created his very own nutraceutical firm which he named the Life Extension Foundation. This foundation is a nonprofit organization that works by promoting different anti-aging supplements.


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