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By loveyourlife
#29702 The Waterfall diet, created by Linda Lazarides, aims to help people who suffer from water retention. Aside from increasing the number on the scale, water retention can cause clothes to fit improperly, stomach bloating, and unpleasant swelling in the legs, feet, hands and fingers.
This diet is not a restricted calorie diet, and is not intended to cause fat loss, although overweight individuals may experience some fat loss simply because the food on the diet is so healthy, and may represent a large change in nutritional intake for some people.
Lazarides goes into the various causes of water retention in some depth, and helps readers understand why they might be sabotaging themselves or triggering allergice reactions in their diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are emphasized, and many products, like refined sugars are forbidden or strongly discouraged.
Some people, especially people suffering from food allergies they did not know about, may drop up to 14lbs of water weight in just one week, and some people see slower or smaller losses.
Combining the Waterfall diet with a reduced caloric intake is likely to result in both fat loss and a reduction in bloating, swelling, and other symptoms of water retention.
This diet has been popular in the U.K. for over 12 years now.
As always, consult a doctor before starting a new diet program. Linda Lazarides cautions that those with heart or kidney problems should not be using the Waterfall diet.
By susieq
#29762 I think there are a lot of people with undiagnosed food allergies. Whenever I go on a "diet" my asthma symptoms are a lot better, and sometimes aren't even there at all. I think there might be things in the "junk" food I try not to eat that trigger my asthma. Maybe the waterfall diet would help me!