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Beware Of HGH Side Effects Like Cancer, Diabetes, Acromegaly And Carpal Tunnel!

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Just like other animals, we humans produce growth hormones that enable us to grow and mature into healthy adults. Many eons ago, this substance was specifically created to help our ancestors prepare themselves for the cruelties of the ancient world. By growing to be as strong and athletic as possible, early humans were able to fight off predators, hunt for game, find a mate, produce offspring, and let that cycle repeat ad infinitum. However, these substance-induced modifications can only happen during one particular period. Once that period of growth is over, growth hormone secretion dwindles away.

HGH, otherwise known as the human growth hormone, has become a renowned medication in the athletic and anti-aging fields because of two reasons: Its ability to not be detected in standard drug tests and its substantial effect on overall muscle growth. HGH is considered by many to be a controversial substance that merit good, if heated, discussions. The unfortunate implications of using this performance-enhancing drug on fair play aside, HGH's usefulness from the health perspective just cannot be denied (even though many would argue that growth hormone synthesis is best left in Mother Nature's hands).

The Side Effect Concern

All the same, these side effects remain a concern for most anyone who's considering to use HGH therapy in order to reverse or at least slow down the aging process. To be true, the side effects of HGH can appear quite petrifying to many people, so researchers are currently searching for the right dosages in order to reduce adverse reactions linked with HGH abuse. Like any other drug out there, people should consider the drawbacks alongside the benefits of HGH in order to make a competent decision on whether or not taking the substance is worth the trouble. The side effects for this miracle agent range from minor symptoms like fluid retention to serious ones like abnormal cartilage and bone growth. Medically approved HGH therapy is still primarily focused on short-term correction of hormonal imbalances, so using it for other purposes is a crapshoot by default.

The process of growth by itself is stressful on the human body, so HGH supplementation can induce drastic bodily changes that it cannot cope with. More to the point, because of its undetectable nature, people tend to abuse this drug, which can lead to dire consequences. Anyone who wants to experiment with this type of therapy is typically turned off or at least worried by its potential side effects that tend to outweigh its undocumented and unconfirmed benefits. At any rate, everyone should realize that HGH yields little to no side effects when supplemented under normal dosages or taken under proper prescription. HGH side effects mostly root from HGH abuse; you won't get them if you take the proper amounts of HGH.

Enumeration of Side Effects

All the same, an HGH overdose can lead to many possible and worrisome issues, not least of which are tenderness or pain at the injection site if HGH is applied subcutaneously, carpal tunnel syndrome, stiff joints (arthralgia) and muscles, inflammation of the stomach or intestine lining, abnormal fat distribution, optic disk edema, headache, bronchitis, backache, hypoglycemia, acute sinus infection, increased risk for bleeding, numbness in the hands, allergic reaction, thyroid damage, fatigue, bone pain, excess body hair growth, heart enlargement, dizziness, pituitary gigantism, and acromegaly. Indeed, these side effects from HGH intake can frighten most anyone into avoiding this type of therapy as much as possible.

Nevertheless, people owe it to themselves to talk to their healthcare specialist first and ask about the pros and cons of HGH before taking it. Who knows? Maybe a regulated HGH regimen is just what the doctor ordered in terms of improved health and a better life outlook. The results you can achieve from properly using this agent are nothing short of amazing. Just be warned that HGH usage for unapproved objectives such as using it as a "plastic surgery in a bottle" or anti-aging purposes can lead to long-term and disfiguring problems such as facial bone growth, chronic pain and swelling, extreme fluid retention, and high blood pressure. Long-term abuse is even worse, because you may get critical side effects such as the complete shut down of your pituitary glands, irreversible joint and facial deformities, increased diabetes risk, and arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythms).

Why HGH Side Effects Occur

As already mentioned, many of the more critical HGH side effects originate from hormone abuse. Introducing any foreign agent into your body even though it produces the substance naturally can and will trigger adverse side effects because, to be honest, you're still doing a very unnatural action regardless of how natural the chemical you have at hand. Side effects are par for the course for any synthetic drug or medication. Moreover, these bodily reactions also root from the "extra" growth hormone produced by your pituitary gland. To be true, the reason why doctors only prescribe HGH to growth-hormone-deficient individuals is because a man taking HGH supplements when he has a perfectly healthy pituitary gland will cause him to overdose even if he's taking the right amounts of synthetic HGH because of the natural HGH that's already in his body.

Even those who take middling amounts of HGH are also at risk of suffering from mild versions of HGH side effects, so taking over-the-counter HGH supplements or releasers is no guarantee that your body won't adversely react to the drug. You should be aware that your body must take a lot of time to acclimate itself to the chemical before you can see results or overcome potential complications. A balance must be struck so that you don't take more than the suggested dosage for too long a period of time. Moreover, your liver has to work doubly hard in order to properly metabolize this external HGH source. As such, you could also suffer from liver stress or even liver damage. Your pituitary gland may even stop manufacturing naturally made HGH altogether once it detects the higher level of HGH, thus leading to pituitary gland shutdown.




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