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Weight Gain And Unhealthy Relationships

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Are the People You Hang Out With Making You Fat?

We have all had the experience with the friend who really isn’t a friend or the family member who has nothing to say to us until they have something to complain about. How about that coworker who squashes every idea you have. Those that judge, those that use, those that blame and those that are just plain cranky – maybe they surround you. What you might not know is that these toxic relationships do more than just test your patience – they might actually be making you fat..

A recent study that followed over 3000 adults who were 30 to late 40’s in age found those that were dealing with negative relationships in their life accumulated more belly fat in a 15 year period than those who were not dealing with negative relationships.

The participants were asked how frequently family and friends criticized, made demands that were unfair, put them down or just got on their nerves – this was the criteria for defining negative.

Earlier studies linked poor social connections with obesity. However, a great deal of the data was simply a picture of a specific point in time. Lead scientist Kiarri Kershaw, Ph.D., of Northwestern University, said this meant that it was impossible to tell which came first. A person’s relationship could ‘go south’ because you became obese or you could become obese because of your personal relationships.

With the Kershaw’s study, the team followed people over many years. This gave a much clearer picture of cause and effect.

The American Journal of Epidemiology the Northwestern researchers reported that even though weight gain occurred as we get older, those individuals who were dealing with stressful relationships had a larger waistline overall. What’s most concerning is that according to doctors, the fat that gathers around the middle section, poses the greatest risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Kershaw hypothesized that food is at the root of one problem. When relationships are stressed, it can drive us to look for comfort foods (junk food) and alcohol, and both are packed with calories. Stress also affects how the body metabolizes excessive calories.

Briana Mezuk, Ph.D., of Virginia Commonwealth University explains that these relationships trigger stress response systems that cause the production of body fat, which is most likely to find its way to the abdomen.  Stress doesn’t just affect your emotions. It also affects your biology.

The news isn’t all bad. Since it is bad connections that could make you fat, it also means that healthy connections could make you thinner. In this most recent study, those individuals who reported they had a higher degree of supportive relationships that included friends they could talk with, family that’s there for you, cooperative coworkers, did not gain belly fat like the ‘negative relationship’ individual.

Supportive relationships tend to buffer stress and you don’t use your coping mechanisms, which includes eating. So if you think you have too many toxic people as part of your life, now would be a good time to make changes.

HGH supplements like Genf20 Plus, Hypergh 14x, Sytropin and Genfx can also help with belly fat and increase your lean muscle muscle. HGH has many benefits, but one that gets noticed a lot is the loss of belly fat. Just think what you could accomplish with positive people surrounding you and an HGH supplement. To find out more about how HGH supplements can Help you click here!


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