Looking to find out if HyperGH 14x works? Does HyperGH 14x do what the website says it does?

Everyone wants to look and feel younger. And everyone wants to make money. That’s why it’s so hard to believe the hype you read online: you know just about everyone is trying to sell you something. Right now the thing that everyone wants to sell you is HGH precursors, and the HyperGH 14x website is no exception. Before we review HyperGH 14x, let’s go over a few things about HGH just to make sure we’re all on the same page. If you already understand how HGH works and why precursors can help you look and feel the best you’ve ever looked and felt, skip down a few paragraphs to the HyperGH 14x review section.

It is a well-known and scientifically proven fact that HGH supplementation can reduce body fat mass and increase muscle mass. Most studies have been done on men older than 40, but they have all shown positive results compared to control groups who have eaten the same diet and gotten the same amount of exercise. In other words, people who took HGH (which stands for Human Growth Hormone) ended up with less body fat and more muscle mass than people who did not take HGH (but lived the same lifestyle as the ones who did take it.)

If you are an athlete or bodybuilder, this is probably not news to you. You’re looking for every legal edge you can get to be stronger, harder, more cut, and faster. You want to recover from workouts sooner and see big gains in performance, muscle mass, or both. If you’re a female athlete you might be more concerned about cutting those last stubborn pounds of fat mass and being lean, toned, and powerful. Right now, HGH injections are not legal without a prescription, and few doctors are willing to prescribe it (even though it is legally approved by the FDA to treat certain medical conditions, including HGH deficiency.) This is why many bodybuilders athletes, and even people just serious about cutting weight and getting ripped are turning to HGH precursors like HyperGH 14x.

The truth is, after puberty, we are all somewhat HGH deficient, and become more so as we age and our natural production of HGH slows down. Giving HGH to older people in the form of synthetic HGH injections, or treating them with HGH secretagogues (substances which make your body produce more of its own HGH, which are also called precursors) results in a noticeable reduction in both the inward and outward signs of ageing. This is significant proof that ageing is not inevitable and we do not have to put up with all the little aches, pains, and losses of strength and functioning that we have been accepting as “normal.”

So: if someone told you that supplementing with a few pills a couple of times a day could prevent wrinkles, help you sleep better, keep you feeling energetic and healthy, keep your sex drive humming like a teenager’s, help you work out harder and longer while recovering faster, see bigger muscle gains from the same workouts, and cut more fat without eating less…would you be interested? We bet you would. HyperGH 14x makes all these claims, and more, and seems to have strong scientific evidence to back up everything they say. Can HyperGH 14x really live up to all the incredible hype on their website?

HyperGH 14x Review: We Take Apart the HyperGh 14x Claims—Are They True?

We’re torn about the site for HyperGH 14x. On the one hand, many of the claims they make are supported by real scientific studies, reported in genuine, peer-reviewed science journals. On the other hand, they make a few claims that are misleading, even though they do not lie in anything that they say about their product. Also, the “before and after” photo on their page is clearly Photoshopped. This disappoints us, because the ingredients in HyperGH 14x really do work to cause the body to release more HGH, and HyperGH 14x really does have a unique delivery system to maximize its benefits. We have to chalk to hype up to laziness on behalf of the web developer, or perhaps the site owner was trying too hard to look like other HGH product sites out there, and ended up going overboard. But stay with us while we deconstruct all the claims about HyperGH 14x and why it might be worth it for you to add it to your bodybuilding routine.

HyperGH 14x Ingredients Review

The list of ingredients in HyperGH 14x is clearly available on the site. The ingredient, the amount, and what that ingredient does in the body is plainly spelled out. Unlike some supplements, which don’t disclose how much of each ingredient is in the substance, HyperGH 14x has nothing to hide. Independent research online can reassure you that each and every ingredient on that list does exactly what the website claims it does. What’s more is that when you add up the daily dosage, HyperGH 14x delivers appropriate amounts of each of the 15 HGH precursors it promotes, as well. A problem with many supplements is that they don’t contain enough of the active ingredients to accomplish much. HyperGH 14x, however, is designed especially for bodybuilders, and contains the right amounts of amino acids, chromium, and more to keep the metabolism fired up, provide boosts of energy, and result in big muscle gains.

Another pleasant side effect: many of the ingredients in the HyperGH 14x supplement have a positive effect on sex drive and performance. Most serious bodybuilders are familiar with the side effects of traditional illegal steroids (everyone knows someone who has made that illegal decision), and these drugs often cause side effects like shrinking the testicles, decreasing sperm count, gynecomastia, (when men grow breast tissue, and may even leak a milk-like substance from the breasts) and that effect every man dreads: the inability to get or keep erections. HyperGH 14x ingredients do not cause any of these horrific symptoms and in fact can improve that area of a man’s life quite nicely.

What is Unique and Different About HyperGH 14x?

HyperGH 14x uses a unique delivery system. With HyperGH 14x, you are supposed to take two doses per day. Each dose consists of 2 pills, and is accompanied by an oral spray. One dose is supposed to be taken before a workout, and the other about an hour before going to sleep.

Taking HyperGH 14x before a workout is supposed to increase the boost of HGH that your body normally produces during intense exercise. The website links to the results of a scientific study showing the effects of one of HyperGH 14x’s ingredients on the body’s HGH production. If you include the study’s margin of error, it seems as though HyperGH 14x really is capable of producing HGH bursts in concentrations 14 times higher than without the supplement. In reality, the average person is likely to see gains in the 2-4 times range, which is still great. (but not quite as much as the site would like to make it seem. Exaggeration seems to be par for the course with bodybuilding supplements.)

The reason you are supposed to take a dose before sleeping is because HyperGH 14x is meant to work with the body’s normal circadian rhythms. This dose helps your body produce bigger and longer HGH boosts during sleep (the time when the body produces the most HGH) which means that your body is working away to melt fat and build muscle even when you’re not awake! Again, this is all well-documented with genuine links to scientific research (it is well-known that the body produces HGH during sleep, and that poor-quality sleep is linked to a higher fat mass and lower lean muscle mass.)

Another reason that HyperGH 14x can be taken before sleeping is because, unlike cheap weight loss pills and “energy boosting” supplements, it does not rely on caffeine to unsafely speed up the heart rate. Caffeine based supplements can be very harmful to the body depending on the dose and the individual’s level of sensitivity.

HyperGH 14x also designed to counter the major argument against HGH pills—that the body cannot absorb HGH orally and that it has to be injections or nothing.

It is a very good point that HGH needs to get right into the bloodstream. Opponents of supplementing with HGH precursors point out that those precursors are destroyed by stomach acid, and therefore don’t work. HyperGH 14x uses an enteric coating on their tablets, similar to prescription medications that have stomach-acid sensitive ingredients. This coating resists being eaten away by stomach acid, so the precious amino acids are not released until they are in the small intestines, where they can get absorbed into the body. This is unique among HGH supplements. HyperGH 14x also uses the pill/spray combo, because liquid sprayed into the mouth is absorbed by the lining of the mouth directly into the blood stream. There is a link on the site to a new study proving the effectiveness of HGH precursors, not just the effectiveness of injections, so pills are a viable method of HGH delivery if they are designed properly.

Does HyperGH 14x Have a Money Back Guarantee?


HyperGH 14x, like many of the honest weight loss, anti-ageing, and bodybuilding HGH supplements, offers a generous money-back guarantee. If you return your unused supply within 60 days of delivery, you will get 100% of your money back. This allows you to safely try this supplement for two months. By this time, most people are seeing results (usually by the six week mark) so if you’ve been taking it faithfully and not seeing gains in your workouts and when you look in the mirror, just return it. A money-back guarantee is the sign of an honest supplement—after all, who could afford to keep returning money (which they would have to do if the product didn’t work?)

The Verdict: Does HyperGH 14x Work?

The ingredients and delivery system of HyperGH 14x are scientifically sound. Some of the claims on the website are a bit cheesy and overblown, but there is nothing about the ingredients, dosage, or delivery system that leads us to believe that this product is a scam. Of course results are always individual, but all the evidence points to greater energy and greater gains from your workouts if you take this supplement as directed. No one is going to get ripped sitting around all day, but if you are already a dedicated athlete or bodybuilder looking for a completely legal edge over your competition, check out HyperGH 14x.


The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, or course of action. We do not provide specific medical advice, and we are not engaged in providing medical or professional services. The statements made by the supplement's manufacturers were not evaluated by the FDA. NB people whose names (celebrities, doctors, scientists, News media...etc) are mentioned in the site are in no way associated with hghhelp.info and are only mentioned because of what they might have publically said about a subject matter which in no way implies an endorsement by them.

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