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Sytropin Ingredients

Sylvester Stallone On HGH

"HGH to me is so important for a sense of well-being when you get older, everyone older than 40 would be wise to investigate HGH because it improves the quality of your life so much. Mark my words for it"

Sytropin HGH

" Since I started taking Sytropin HGH  I noticed a big difference in the way I feel I feel more energetic and my recovery after exercise has improved greatly. You are right About Sytropin it is a great HGH Supplement. "

(Norbert, San Francisco)


Composition of Sytropin HGH

Sytropin is a combination of HGH elements, growth factors, and L-group amino acids that supplements the body's HGH needs. It is a high quality supplement you can avail of without any prescription. It is manufactured using the most rigorous international quality control standards and it uses the best natural ingredients that are available in the global market today. Its active ingredients are mainly: L-Valine, L-Dopa bean extract, GLYCINE, L-Tyrosine, L-Arginine, L-Isoleucine, Alpha GPC, GABA, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate and Moomiyo Extract. Its inactive ingredients are the following: Citrosodine, deionized H2O, Paraben, L-alpha-Phosphatidyl Choline, Sorbic acid, Citric acid and Maltodextrin. Sytropin

Now note what these active ingredients can do for you:

Alpha GPC - stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more HGH to prevail over cognitive disorders. Aids in focusing the mind and improves coordination and balance by enhancing the travel of nerve impulses.

GABA - improves not only neurotransmission and the nervous system, but also aids in fat loss, and increases plasma hormone levels in the body. This also makes your sleep more restful, deeper, and more revitalizing.

GLYCINE - key ingredient for healthy protein production. Glycine increases hormones that affect memory and cognition. It also helps in muscular hypertonicity by lessening and lightening symptoms.

L-Arginine - aids in the creation of new proteins and cells. It increases sexual potency by increasing the production of sperm. This is also one of the chemicals that generate anabolic muscle growth.

L-Dopa bean extract - supports the natural release of human growth hormone, thus making sure there is proper muscle growth with the right amino acids transported to muscle cells. It also aids in burning fat.

L-Glutamine - improves your natural metabolism, boosts immune function, and aids in athletic performance. It improves the lining of the stomach and intestines to lessen the probability of developing ulcers.

L-Isoleucine - is burned together with L-Valine to fuel muscle recovery in cells. It aids in the body's regenerative process by growing new tissues. It is critical in making complex carbohydrates available for the body's use. The muscles of the body absorb this substance for anabolic muscle building activities. Appropriate muscle creation and neurotransmission are its results.

L-Lysine - Maintains the nitrogen balance and supports blood vessels in the body. This also helps store calcium for later use.

L-Tyrosine - aids in the relief of depression, improves neurotransmission and melanin secretion on the skin, and boosts a person's general mood.

L-Valine - is used as fuel for the regeneration of muscles. Aids in tissue regeneration and the production of lean muscles by increasing the bioavailability of compound carbohydrates. It also promotes anabolic muscle building activity. It works in synergy with L-Isoleucine.

Moomiyo Extract - effective preventive measure for age-related hormone-dependent disorders. An anti-inflammatory agent that promotes healing in the body. Reduces soreness in the joints and improves overall cell growth.

Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate - helps athletic performance, improves the immune system, and the healing of wounds. It is also an agent that promotes the growth of new muscles in the body.

With the best practices being done by the manufacturer, the high quality of the ingredients are maintained and incorporated into Sytropin HGH ensuring high quality and better value. All of these lead to the increase in growth factors in the body. Best of all you can get this product easily because it requires no prescription.

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