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Lifecell A Powerful Wrinkle Remover: A fact Or Fiction!



LifeCell and its Benefits!

What is LifeCell?

LifeCell is believed to be the only product for anti aging that is needed by those who intend to have some dramatic changes on their skin. It is a fact that skin gets more damaged as people grow older, and this aging effect is one that people want to reduce. Unlike other companies, LifeCell is not merely taking advantage of a little hype to have potential consumers extremely excited about their anti aging product. Instead of fooling consumers with false claims, LifeCell has come up with a breakthrough product to remedy unwanted effects of aging.

The ingredients in the LifeCell cream are the secrets to why LifeCell is the key to looking younger despite the aging process. Although the advertising or the marketing seems a tad bit over the top, what is being claimed regarding the product itself appears to be solid.

Lifecell All In One!

The part that totally entices clients and makes them doubly interested is the fact that LifeCell is an all in one product. This helps clients in saving much of their time and money. It is extremely exhausting and expensive to apply more than one product just to achieve wanted results.

Lifecell Contains D3PA

D3PA stands for Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid. This is actually another term for Alpha Lipoic Acid. This ingredient can be found in almost every anti aging product primarily because it is a universal antioxidant.

Being a universal antioxidant, it means that D3PA is soluble in both oil and water, which somehow makes it much more effective when it comes to penetrating the cells and protecting the skin against the negative effects of free radicals.

Free radicals are the ones responsible for majority of the visible effects brought about by aging, such as the fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, and crow’s feet.

Ascorbyl palmitate

This ingredient is a form of vitamin C. Almost all anti aging products that are being used popularly today have a couple of derivatives of this specific vitamin. Although it is true that vitamin C is essential for the overall health of the skin, scientists have still not come up with findings to prove that it has any miracle effects towards the aging process.

Lifecell Botox In A jar!

Acetyl-Hexapeptide-3 is one of the most powerful alternatives for Botox. However, people must not think that this can replace needle injections because there is absolutely no substitution for that particular cosmetic procedure. What LifeCell offers is a very cost effective alternative which provides clients with the very same results. For individuals who are somewhat scared of needles, LifeCell is definitely worth a try. Besides, they have nothing to lose.

DMAE An Important Ingredient In Lifecell Cream!

DMAE is another term for Deanol. This particular ingredient is commonly used in products that are anti aging and anti wrinkles. It is a universal antioxidant that also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Although using Deanol may have some initial swelling effects, the negative effects brought about by aging are also reduced. With this said, it can be derived that DMAE is very effective against the effects that free radicals cause on the skin.

Lifecell Contains Ubiquinone!

This certain ingredient is a synthetic variant of idebenone, which means that it is a very powerful antioxidant. In fact, an associate professor of dermatology named Doctor Leslie Bauman from the University of Miami said that she is absolutely convinced that idebenone is the best antioxidant she has every encountered. People can read about her testimonial in the January issue of 2004 of the Allure magazine.

Although these ingredients are not only exclusive to LifeCell, together, they have come up with a very good and highly effective defense against the effects brought about by aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, despite having many testimonials on the LifeCell website from Hollywood stars, experts believe that such ingredients can actually stand on their own without the hype.

Duration of use Of Lifecell

Like any other product, LifeCell should be used for at least six weeks. No brand of skin cream can produce skin miracles in only one day. For the product to actually come up with results, it has to be used long enough for the effects to show.

Risk-free trial!

LifeCell also provides clients with a trial period that is absolutely free of risks. Moreover, such trial can be availed for as long as thirty days. There is also a provided money back guarantee which goes on for as long as four months. If clients are not satisfied with the acquired results, then they can easily get their money back. They just have to return their unused portion of LifeCell if they are not satisfied with the results they got.

What professionals say About Lifecell!

Doctor Janet Allenby strongly recommends LifeCell and even prescribes it to her own patients. In fact, she is not the only dermatologist who does so because other dermatology experts and cosmetic surgeons are using LifeCell.

According to Doctor Allenby, clients can get rid of the urgent need for cosmetic surgery or Botox injections, all with just the help of LifeCell cream. Doctors also like LifeCell because it is an all-natural approach for making the skin look much younger. It is a good thing for LifeCell cream that a doctor who is an expert at cosmetic procedures is recommending a product that is not invasive at all, instead of telling patients about getting cosmetic surgery.

Lifecell Used By Hollywood Celebrities!

LifeCell is a product that is being popularly used by Hollywood actors and actresses today. Paula Abdul, former member of the judging panel of American Idol, like the all-natural concept of LifeCell. Anna Lynne McCord, star playing the role of Naomi Clark in the 2009 rendition of 90210, is very satisfied with the results she received since she states that she could not see wrinkles on any part of her face.

 Joey Fatone, member of the famous boy band N’Sync is pretty much amazed with the effects LifeCell gave on his skin. Ashlan Gorse, a correspondent and fill-in anchor of E!, is left at awe with results she got because she says that she can really see the difference. Also, famous recording star, Christina Milian is off to get her mother a separate bottle because she is also amazed with LifeCell.


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