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Acai A Miracle Fruit Or Just Another Hyped Up Product!

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Acai Berry A Miracle Fruit!

Acai berryThe Acai berry phenomenon is presently sweeping the nation, but few people realize what this supposed trend entails. Most everyone only have a rough idea about this supposed nutritional "super food" that weight watchers are using in order to lose weight in a natural fashion; they have no idea what the Acai berry is, how it's able to affect your body's metabolism so that it can burn fat faster and digest food better, and why a diet consisting of only this fruit can present little to no side effects in terms of weight loss.


Even if you ignore the hype machine for the Acai berry care of fitness magazine articles and TV talk show segments, this fruit will still prove itself as a worthwhile investment because of its scientifically backed effectiveness in energy level increase, health improvement, and (of course) weight loss. At any rate, feel free to let this article serve as your comprehensive guide in regards to the facts and figures of this all-natural miracle fruit.

General Information On Acai Berry

 The Acai berry is a small, spherical, and dark-purple drupe that's about an inch or twenty-five millimeters in diameter, which means it looks similar to the size and appearance of a grape (even though it contains less pulp). It's usually found in clumps of five hundred to nine hundred pieces attached to branched panicles. The fruit itself is composed of a single large seed that's about a quarter to two-fifths of an inch or seven to ten millimeters in diameter.


The Acai fruit sports an exocarp (outside layer or peel) that's green or deep purple in color, while its hue depends on the type of Acai and its maturity. Meanwhile, the fruit's mesocarp (fleshy middle layer) is thin and pulpy, garnering a rather consistent thickness of a millimeter or less. The endocarp (inside layer that surrounds the seed) is hard and voluminous in order to house the seed in a secure environment. What's more, the seed makes up about eighty percent of the berry.

Acai Berry As a Dietary Supplement 

The Acai berry is typically harvested as food; in fact, a report on the three traditional Caboclo settlements in Brazil's Amazon region shows that all of them consider the Acai palm to be one of the staple plant species in that location because the fruit has a significant influence on their diet. To be more precise, up to forty-two percent of these locals' total food intake by weight is composed of the Acai berry. Also, this health food has been sold as a dietary supplement as well, with companies from all across the globe marketing Acai berry products and derivatives in the form of whole fruit, instant drink powders, smoothies, juice, and tablets.


The vendors of Acai-based merchandise have full confidence of their wares. In fact, luminaries like Monarch Health Sciences (and its parent company, MonaVie), claims that Acai offers reduced cholesterol levels, improved sleep patterns, enhanced heart health, better skin appearance, high fiber content, detoxification, improved digestion, superior sexual performance, and increased energy levels.

 Antioxidants in Acai Berry Juice

 A study between six types of pure fruit juice, tea, red wine, pomegranate juice, and juice mixes containing unspecified amounts of Acai juice revealed that the average antioxidant capacity of all the Acai juices ranked lower than red wine, blueberry juice, Concord grape juice, and pomegranate juice. In turn, the average antioxidant capacity of Acai was roughly equivalent to that of cranberry juice or black cherry juice, and was definitely higher than that of tea, apple juice, and orange juice.


Therefore, customers availing of Acai-based foodstuffs should be wary of getting goods that contain indeterminate amounts of Acai berry concentrate, because anything less than a hundred percent will produce negligible to nonexistent results when it comes to anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-obesity benefits. In terms of the effects of Acai on the human body, a study using twelve healthy-yet-fasting human volunteers showed that blood antioxidant capacity can be increased via consuming a propriety Acai juice beverage or applesauce. However, the generation of reactive oxygen species was not considerably influenced by the Acai juice substance.

The Acai Berry Diet 

As mentioned before, the main claims to fame that Acai has is its positive effects on one's metabolism and its potential application in weight loss regimens. People who have tried literally everything under the sun in order to lose their excess poundage—yoyo dieting, purging, fasting, starvation, liposuction, exercise machines, gym memberships, yoga, body image reevaluation, and so on—and then attempted using the Acai berry diet were able to report incredible success with the Acai supplementation method. Consuming Acai berries is a wonderful way to, say, lose thirty pounds in just thirty days (i.e., one pound a day) without leaving your body malnourished or having it activate its famine response mechanism that could lead to fluctuating weights if you're not careful.


Several products in the market at present make full use of the Acai berry's metabolic prowess. For example, there's a two-part diet plan available that includes both a colon-cleansing supplement and Acai berry consumption. These all-natural products promote appetite suppression and effortless weight loss without any dire side effects associated with synthetic drugs or unnatural diets. What's more, they are able to do their duty while also improving the body's energy production many times over. It's the kind of diet that won't leave you starving, yet will still provide you increased energy levels because of its effects on your body's metabolic rate. If you are more interested in the anti aging aspect you may consider using Genf20 Plus an HGH releaser that contains green tea, Resveratrol  and Acai berry.

The Reliable Acai Berry

The Acai berry is a valuable commodity whether you use it as a standalone diet supplement or in combination with other anti-aging or anti-obesity health products such as green tea, Resveratrol, and the human growth hormone. More to the point, the Acai berry isn't only a fruit that you can depend on when it comes to losing a large amount of weight without suffering from dire metabolic and biological consequences; it's also a very versatile health food that can go in tandem with many other health foods to fight the inevitable rigors of aging or improve the overall healthiness of your body in general.


Whether you want to eat the Acai berry straight, in the form of a concentrate, or as a cocktail of other health products rolled into one supplement, you will without a doubt gain something positive out of this wonder fruit. Many satisfied customers will testify to the Acai berry's effectiveness in improving your health, achieving your ideal body weight, or making you healthier and more energetic than before in little to no time at all!





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