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All The Facts On Glutamine

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Lately, Glutamine has been of great concern, especially pertaining to issues of bodybuilding. That is why it is important that we understand what this amino acid is, what it stands for, what are its functions, and how it can affect our body when taken in supplement form. Glutamine


What is Glutamine?


Glutamine is an amino acid. It is one of the 20 that is encoded by the standard genetic code and is one of the most abundant in the human body. As an amino acid, Glutamine is a protein building block that is involved in numerous metabolic processes. Amino acids linked together in a chain made up proteins that occur in the human body. They are from which the proteins are built. Proteins, as we all know, are constantly present in our system.


Humans are predisposed to Glutamine right from the start. It is an integral part of the several processes that occurs in the body. It is one of the building blocks that make human life possible. Biochemically, Glutamine is essential as an element of protein.


There is no reason, therefore, for people to fear Glutamine. If it is used properly, it must not create any harm to the body.


The Functions Of Glutamine


As mentioned earlier, Glutamine is an essential element in the human body. It plays many different roles. It does many different things. Glutamine strengthens the immune system. It also aids in digestion, keeping it running smoothly. It also helps in filling up the muscles. Glutamine has also been found essential for people battling serious illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, and even cancer.


Glutamine For Better Immune Function


Glutamineís major function is fueling the immune system so that it can fight infections efficiently. As such, it is used in enormous amounts as a supplement in patients recovering from an injury, a surgery, or any other kind of illness.


Certain immune cells rely upon Glutamine to deliver their functions of fighting off infections effectively. Research has shown that when the body is stressed or traumatized due to an injury or a surgical procedure or an infection or even burns, steroid hormones like cortisol are released in the bloodstream. This occurrence creates Glutamine deficiency. Since Glutamine is essential for wound healing, the body naturally needs it in steady levels. Thatís why supplementation of this amino acid is essential in this case.  Glutamine is often prescribed for people who underwent surgery because it naturally cuts short the healing time after a surgical procedure while keeping infections in check.


Glutamine For Better Gastrointestinal Function


Glutamine is also found useful in digestion. As a protein building block, Glutamine plays a key role in metabolic processes. It easily converts into glucose when the body needs more fuel for energy. It also helps fuel the cells lining the intestines so they do not waste away. Glutamine also regulates the acid-base balance by producing ammonium.


Glutamine also removes excessive levels of ammonia, which is a common waste product. While doing so, Glutamine can delegate it to make other essential amino acids, glucose, and even glutathione, which is an antioxidant.


Glutamine is also proved to be critical for those who are having problems in the gastrointestinal tract. It aids in the maintenance of gut barrier function, proliferation and differentiation of intestinal cells, and reducing the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The rate of intestinal extraction of Glutamine is considerably higher compared to other amino acids. Therefore, it is the bodyís most viable option to alleviate the problems in relation to the gastrointestinal tract.


For Muscle Mass and Strength


Majority of Glutamine we have in the body is stored in the muscles, followed by the lungs. Under extreme physical stress, like in the case of athletes, sports-minded individuals, gym enthusiasts, and bodybuilders, the amount of Glutamine is depleted. Overusing the skeletal muscles, where Glutamine is mostly stored, creates a deficiency since the bodyís ability to make Glutamine naturally is scathed. This calls for a supplementation since Glutamine deficiency may make those individuals prone to infection and have a hard time recovering from injuries.


Glutamine has also been associated with growth hormone production, which is essential for muscle mass. You may often find Glutamine as an ingredient in several supplemental products that are known as HGH releasers for this cause.


Glutamine For HIV/AIDS and Cancer Patients


Glutamine helps in the treatment of weight loss, specifically reduced muscle mass, in patients with HIV/AIDS. It is also found useful as a supplement in helping out cancer patients cope with the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.


Glutamine is an important element in nutritional support for patients battling those extremely powerful diseases. With the presence of extra levels of Glutamine more than the body can produce, the patients may acquire a couple of health benefits.


Glutamine Sources


Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid. The body produces it in certain levels. Glutamine is then considered as conditionally essential. This means that supplementation of Glutamine is allowed and required only in certain cases. That is since Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that the body naturally produces. Particularly, Glutamine supplements can be taken when the bodyís ability to produce the correct amount of this amino acid is scarred while there is a great need for its functions.


Glutamine can also be obtained through a number of dietary sources. Protein rich foods like fish, meat, beans, and dairy products contain this amino acid in certain levels. By incorporating beef, chicken, all types of fishes, eggs, milk, cheeses, wheat, beets, cabbage, spinach, or parsley in a typical personís diet, about 5 milligrams of Glutamine is consumed in a day. That amount is definitely not enough for the bodyís needs but it must not be forgotten either that the body naturally produces a certain amount of Glutamine everyday.


A person who gets into intense physical workouts, however, has a different Glutamine requirement. As mentioned earlier, stressing the body due to extreme physical activities may deplete the levels of Glutamine in the body, making you prone to injuries and infections. Glutamine is one of the very few amino acids that cross the blood-brain barrier. When you get into intense exercises, large amounts of Glutamine are released onto the blood stream, exhausting your supply in the process.


List Of HGH Supplements With Glutamine

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