Human Growth Hormone – 5 Recent HGH Studies and What They Have to Say

There is nothing foreign or abnormal about human growth hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland. However, over the years there has been a great deal of controversy and discussion over the true benefits of HGH. While there are tons of older HGH studies, we thought we would have a look at some of the more current research and studies that have taken place – 5 to be specific. By staying current on studies and research you can feel more confident in the decisions you make relating to HGH.

Study #1 Effects of HGH in Men over 60 Years of Age

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine 1990; 323:1-6 July 5, 1990 DOI: 10.1056/NEJM199007053230101

Full study:

Human Growth Hormone HGHThis is not a new study but it is most likely the most famous HGH study that has been conducted, and the results were so abused that the New England Journal of Medicine actually amended the publishing to warn others.

The purpose: The study set out to examine the declining activity of the growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) axis as we age and how it might contribute to the decrease in lean body mass and the increase in mass of adipose tissue that occur with aging.

The study involved 21 healthy men between the ages of 61 and 81 who had plasma IGF-I concentrations that were less than 350 U per liter during the 6 month period that was the base line and the following 6 month treatment period.

Conclusions: Dr. Rudman concluded that, “The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable. These injections appear able to reverse 10 years of aging with one year of treatment

Study # 2 Studied Athletic Performance and HGH

The purpose: The research was done in Australia and the focus was to determine whether HGH improved the sprinting capacity. The study used recreational athletes because elite athletes could not take participate in a study used a banned substance. The study was done by researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney.

Researchers randomly assigned 96 recreational athletes to get either HGH injections or salt water shots, which served as a placebo. Men in the study group were further assigned to receive either saline, HGH, and testosterone (an anabolic steroid), or testosterone alone for eight weeks.

Conclusions: The researchers suggest at the levels they were testing, athletes might shave nearly a half-second off their time in a 100-metre sprint or 1.2 seconds off a time in a 50-metre swimming race.

Dr. Gary Wadler, chair of the committee that compiles WADA’s prohibited-substance list, welcomed the findings, but fretted about the consequences of having scientific proof HGH works, particularly in combination with testosterone.

“I think this is good science, but it underscores the problems that we all deal with in trying to control this,” said Wadler, author of Drugs and the Athlete and an associate professor of medicine at New York University.

Study #3 Secret to Youth Doesn’t Lie in Human Growth Hormone

Full study:

The purpose: Determine whether a deficiency in HGH led to a shorter life span. For the study, the researchers, worked with an unusual population of dwarves residing in Itabaianinha county, a rural area in the northeastern Brazilian state of Sergipe. In an attempt to resolve the research discrepancies about HGH’s anti-aging value, the researchers studied 65 of the Brazilian dwarves.

Each member of this group has two mutant copies of a gene responsible for releasing HGH, leading to a severe congenital HGH deficiency. All of the study subjects have unmistakable characteristics of the deficiency- very short stature, childlike facial appearance, and high-pitched voices.

Conclusions: Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have found that people, who are deficient in HGH due to a genetic mutation, live just as long as people who make normal amounts of the hormone.

Study #4 Does Fasting Stimulate HGH Good for Heart and Health

The purpose: Does fasting stimulate HGH production and is it beneficial. In 2011 a study involving 30 patient drank water and ate nothing for a 24 hour period. The researchers enrolled 200 individuals for two separate trials who were patients and healthy volunteers and recruited at the Intermountain Medical Center. The researchers compared results of lab work and physical exams during fasting and periods of eating.

The first studies were conducted in 2007 by the team and included 4500 individuals. The finding suggested a 39 percent lower chance of coronary artery disease and was conducted among Mormons who routinely fast. The new trials add evidence that fasting is healthy and could lower the chances of heart disease and diabetes.

Conclusion: In the 2011 studies, the researchers found study participants who fasted for 24 hours and drank only water had elevated levels of HGH, a 14 percent increase in “good” HDL cholesterol and a 6 percent increase in “bad” LDL cholesterol that the scientists say reduces fat cells, lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease. It was found that fasting does in fact stimulate the production of HGH.

The researchers note more studies are needed to understand the effects on the body before making any specific recommendations. Dr. Horne suggests fasting may one day be prescribed as a prevention treatment for coronary artery disease and diabetes. It’s important to speak with your physician before engaging in a fasting program. Some people with low blood pressure, on certain medications and with certain medical conditions may not be able to abstain from eating for 24 hours.

Study #5 Denmark Study Looks at HGH and Long Term Side Effects

The purpose: Researchers from Denmark looked at HGH Replacement therapy in the normalizing on conditions such as cardiac and renal function, thyroid hormone metabolism, bone metabolism, etc., and whether any long term side effects were found.

Conclusion:  There is no evidence to suggest that Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy causes any unfavorable long term side effects. Much more research across the globe is in support of HGH therapy, but a clear cut conclusive statement is yet to accord a certificate to this therapy.


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