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Green Tea The Cure All Fact Or Fiction?

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A Complete Guide to Green Tea

Green Tea

 Green tea is a kind of tea that's made only with Cha Hua (Camellia Sinensis) leaves that has already gone through slight oxidation in the middle of being processed. This China-based wonder drink has been linked to quite a lot of other cultures within Asia, which ranges from the Middle East to Japan. After all, what's not to like about this Chinese import that has already made its mark in the western world as well? People all around the globe just love drinking delicious green tea even with the continuing prevalence of black tea; the reason for that is green tea covers an important niche market composed of health-conscious individuals and a huge market of people concerned with oriental tradition. All the same, an assortment of green tea variants has been invented in the nations where it's grown and manufactured.


Green tea variants are quite diverse, so they can differ from each other substantially because of variable harvesting time, processing periods, and growing conditions. Furthermore, green tea has been confirmed to truly provide numerous benefits thanks to the battery of scientific and medical tests that's been conducted on it to determine the extent of its life-giving and health-enhancing attributes. Scientists have even gotten proof that suggests other green tea abilities, such as lowered chances for developing certain types of cancer and heart disease. At any rate, the drink is most renowned for its purported weight loss management abilities—so much so that even though there's no scientific support for this claim, it's still being used by many a weight watcher for this purpose.

Green Tea Brewing

In general, about one teaspoon of tea per one hundred fifty milliliter cup or only two grams of Chua Hua leaves every one hundred milliliters of water should be used when you're brewing the perfect batch of enjoyable, delicious, and nourishing green tea. As for premium-grade teas like Gyokuro, a bigger amount of leaf is utilized and the leaf is steeped a multitude of times for short periods to boot. To be true, brewing green tea has to follow a couple of stringent requirements in order to optimize its positive effects on your body.


For instance, temperature and brewing time for this tea varies in accordance to individual teas. Water temperature ranges from eighty-one to eighty-seven degrees Celsius or one hundred eighty to one hundred ninety degrees Fahrenheit, while the longest steeping times require two to three minutes of waiting. The coldest brewing temperatures are sixty-one to sixty-nine degrees Celsius or one hundred forty to one hundred sixty degrees Fahrenheit, while the shortest steeping time is about thirty seconds. Moreover, the brewing technique of keeping the teapot or container warm beforehand is also a key factor in preventing a bitter, overcooked taste in your tea.


Generally speaking, premium-grade teas should be steeped shorter and cooler, while cheap green teas with low-grade Chua Hua leaves should be steeped longer and hotter. Green tea drinkers should also watch out for steeping cheaper teas for too long or in too hot a temperature, because it will cause their drink to be astringent-tasting. In contrast, premium-grade green teas can be steeped multiple times for optimum use of the leaves—about two or three steeping repetitions is standard.  

Nutrient Contents Of Green Tea 

The reason why green tea is so effective is because it contains Polyphenols like Catechins (the most abundant of which is Epigallocatechin Gallate), which are agents known to significantly improve a person's overall health and disposition. Observational and clinical studies on humans as well as studies done in vitro or with animal test subjects imply that green tea has the ability to decrease the risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease as well as beneficially influence kidney stones, dental cavities, cognitive function, and bone density.


Then again, human studies tend to be inconsistent and mixed, even though they all appear very promising. At any rate, green tea is still scientifically proven to contain helpful nutrients such as minerals (that is, zinc, chromium, selenium, or manganese), certain Phytochemical compounds, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Tocopherols, and Carotenoids. Moreover, it's a lot stronger and more potent an antioxidant when compared to black tea, although the latter has the former beat when it comes to sporting healthy substances like Theaflavin.

Green Tea Studies and Health Effects 

Epidemiological studies have linked the consumption of green tea with reduced heart disease. More to the point, animal tests have shown that the popular beverage can decrease cholesterol levels, which in turn helps a lot in alleviating a person's risk for heart-related conditions. However, several short, small-scale human trials also demonstrated that tea consumption alone cannot reduce human cholesterol levels. Then, in 2003, a random medical study discovered that adding theaflavin from black tea to green tea extract can significantly decrease cholesterol levels in humans.


The Birmingham University in the United Kingdom also performed a study revealing that green tea ingestion can make average fat oxidation rates rise seventeen percent higher compared to that of control subjects who consumed placebos. Likewise, the contribution that fat oxidation has to the body's overall energy use was also considerably higher by about the same percentage after green tea extract intake. The implications of these results are clear: Green tea extract cannot only improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in healthy young men; it can also increase oxidation during moderately strenuous workouts.


One other scientific experiment sought to discover the effects of short-term green tea intake on a group of students between the ages of nineteen to thirty-seven. The volunteers were instructed not to modify their diet and drink four green tea cups every day for two weeks. This resulted in reduced diastolic and systolic blood pressure, which affected total body weight, fat, and cholesterol on all the participants, which confirms that even short-term consumption of green tea is enough to produce verifiable outcomes. This study also implies that decreases may become more significant in the obese or overweight population (a large percentage of which suffers from a high risk of cardiovascular disease). For those interested in the anti aging effects of green tea and to get the maximum effects, taking a supplement like Genf20 Plus that combines Acai berry, Resveratrol and the effects of an HGH releasers in a synergic manner would surely be of great benefits to once health.





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